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Grapes As Food

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■Men oan live and worii on grapca and bread. The pcasantry of France, Spain, and Italy make many a satsfying meal in this way, and of the vvholesoineness of the diet there can bo no doubt. Medical men constantly reeominend the use of grapes for tiicir patisnt, Scarooly any plant can equal the vino in .beauty of its leares and ft uit. Aa a covering for bare walls, or affording shelter and shade, it is a climber of the first rank. ïo sit under one's own vine has in all ages been considered the acme of rural happiness, an embleni of peace, a symbol of plenty, and a pioture of contentment. That picasure thouglr perhaps not in all its fullness, may become the hentage of thousands in these températe climes.- London Gardener. One of the belles in Springfield, Mass.. was so anxious to be marriert ia the same building in which her mother and father were married that she determined to overeóme all obstacles to aehieve her wish. But America is 110 place in which such pretty sentiment can be indulged, for here, because a church is a church today, it does not follow that it wil] be one to-morrow ; on the contraryit isjust as likely to be a postotficje a.shoe-factory or anything else. The Springfield church had kept up its national cbaracter and had turncd into a chair factory ; but this did not daunt the young lady, who uierely had the sofas and chairs set around to furnish seats for the guests, and the cereraony _was pcrformed there. About a dozen buffaloes were recentlv brought to Paris froin Turkey-in-Asiit, and, after being slaughtered, were sold in the meat markef, realizing an aveiage of seveuteen sous a pound. This animal, reinarles Galignani's Messenger, !ess tractable than the ox, which it resembles, is found wild in Asia, but is brought up in a domostic state in Itaiy, and "led about, with a rope to a ring passed through the nostrils. The fiiilk of the f male serves for making the Parmesan chrese. The flesh is hard and of a dark color, and has a tnusky fiavor. The Secretary of the Treasury has directed the Assistant Tteasurer at New York to sell $1,000,000 in gold on the first, third and üfth Thursdays, and $1,500,000 on the second and fourth Thursdays, in all $6,000,000, and to buy $500,000 in bonds on the first, and $600,000 on the third Wednesday of May. m all $1,000,000. The Secretary has also di reoted payment without rebate on and after Mouday, tlie 28th inst., of interest due on bonds May lst. Mr Trollope has come to the conclusión that no one but an Englishman can turn out a respcctablo newspaper. Continental jouinals are unsatisfactory, and an American, though he " can give " a good lecture, make a good speech, build a good house, cook a good dinner, bake goud bread, teil a good story, write a good book, enn, in tact, do anything on earth requiring intellect, industry aud con=;truction- cannot make a good Tho valuó of exports frora the four leading ports of New York, Vhiladelphis, Boston aml San Francisco for the first quarter of the preeeut year was $87,074, 345, ás against $70,472,948 for the same penod last year. A gain of 16,002,297 in three rnonths, exclusive of the exports of specie, is not to be despised. No returns from tha southcru cotton ports ure at hand to show how largo their exports havo been. Hiram Atkins, the editor of the Burlington, Vcrraont Argtia, -svho says ho "prints papers to sell, " is slowly repovering from thèeffeota of the second "thrashing" he has received since he has been in the business. Mr. Atkins has that direct and spirited style of cmposition whioh is said to so exaspérate his victims that the compromise of a libel suit is never for one moment entertained. The Montgomery Ad-certiser, speaking of he cotton erop for tho season, says: " The money paid for it in its raw state will not fall far short of $330,000,000. Of this surn about $35, 000,000 will have gone to spiiculators and first purchasors leaving $295,000,000 to the producers! Alabama's hare of this inagniücent sum is nearly $35,000,000- ettimotinir the erop at 400,000 bales"


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