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Sermon With Three Heads

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-An telhgeiit Aberdeen prcacher recRntly took fop bis toxt, " Adam where art thoui1" and divided bis subject into threo distinct parta: lst, all men are soruewheie; 2d, soiue men are where they ought not to be ; and M, unless they take care, they willsoon find themselves whtie th(;y would rather not be. Give a man tho necessaries of life, and ho wants the conveniences ; give him the convoniences, and he craves for the luxuries; give him the luxuries, and he sighs for the elegancies; let him have the elegancies, and he yearns for the follies ; give him all together, and ho complains that ho has hen eheated both in the price and quality of the article. As far down as Costa Eica the experiment of Chinese oheap labor is being tried by the contractors of the Costa liica rail way. Six huudred and fifty-foifr of the almond-eyed and amiable Celestials constitute the.firgt installment. A Washington special states " that the President has appointed Dormán B Eatou of New York, and Hon. S. Shellabarger, of Ohio. to fill the vacancies in the Civil Service Board causod by the resigUütion of Curtís and Medill. Koports rcceived from Mr Willonghby Smith, the eleetiican, state that tho 1865 cable of tho Anglo-Ainerican Oompan y ia broken 868 miles from Yalentia TIn; admirality chart shows 1875 fathorua of water at that spot. A retired soldier, who marched upward of 4,000 miles during our civil war, says that tho hardest March he ever experienc{ is the oae juat goue.


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