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j L 15. ÜU)U)Y, i Sïkiccwot to COLOKOVE & SOÏÏ. '■■; . ..-JLy;T"' DRIIUGIST AND HÉR IN COOK'S NEW HOTEL, No. 12 E HURÓN" STEEET, DEALER IS s: m;u l nsTBrnciTS, l'l UK WI.VËS AI LIQVOA8, CFOTl MEDICAL PURPOSES ONLY.) Fancy Ooods, Verfumery, PAIIVXS, OIJ.S, V Alt.MSIIIOS, LAS! ANO PÜTTIf, PDYSIC1ASS' P3ESGBIPTIONS CaTefaïlycort'pouniiea at al) honis.I PB0P05E NOT TO BE UNDERSOLD BY ANY FIRM IN THE CITY WHOFURNISH &3 GOOD AN ARTICLE. E. B. 101,15. 13Gítf WISHART'S PINE TREE TAR COBBIAL ! NATUKE'S GRfJAT REMEDY FOR TflííTHKOAÏ AND LÜNGS. It Is gratilying to Ds to lnform the public that Dr ( Q. J. Withart'a Fine Tiee Tnr Corglal, for Throat and Lu ng Discases, lias gailied an etivliible roputation from the Atlantic to the Pacific ceast, and from tlience to sorae oithefirst fam lic of Europa, not t roagh the press alone, but by persons throuphcmt the States actually benefited and cured at hl office. Wlnle he publishes lees, so my our , tci, hela mablbto snpply the demond. It gains and holds ity renutation - Fust. Kot by stopping congh, but by loosening an 5 aoditfog nature to throw off the nuhcalthy matter col IecH'd aBoOt Ihethroat and brouchial tubes which causes irrittttifm. Seconel. It removes the causes of imtation (which prodrccea cough) of the mucous membrane acd bronchtal tub s, the lmigs tb' act and throw off the uuheaithy secretions, and purifles the blood. Ibird. It is free fr ra squflls, lobelia, ipecnc and opitTTfl, of wliieh mos-t throat apd liniir remedies are coinposed, which allay cough only, and disjrganize the 8tomach. It has a soottiitig effect on the stonvieh, acts on the and kidneys, jnd lym patliic and nerveus regfonB, tiius rt-aching to every part of the system, and in ta mvigoratlug and puriiying effect lt has gained areputation which it must liold abov all others ii the market'. NOTICE. THE PINE TREE TAB CSRDIALj GREATAMSRICAti DISPEPSIA PILLS. WOBM SÜÖAR DRO?S Being undor my laimediaato dlffcttSDn, tliey shal uotloose their curative qualitiee bf tSPfe use of :heap and iminrü articies, IÏENRY E. WISHART, PRÜHEIKTOR, FREE OF CHARGE. Dr. L. Q. C. Office Parlors are open on Mondays, Tueednys and Wediiesdayti fiom 9 A. M to 5 P. M., for comuitation by Dr. Wm.T. Maffee. Wilh liim .r e :lsod,ital tw.i con-niltiiií phj'íiclims of acknowledged ahility. Tb8 pportunlty is Dot ofleiiid by any otber hifctitution ia tho city. Alllcilcrs must bc addrcssctl to L. a. WISHART, M. B., No. 232 IV. econd St., PHILADELPHIA. BOOKS. BOOKS. I J. R. WEBSTER & CO. NEW UOOK STORE NEAR THE EXPRESS OFFICE.' LOOK TO VOLK. INTEREST A.M) CAtL. rjMlB CIIEAPE8T nOUSE IX 1HE ■-■-- CITY OF ANJi ARBOR! H. COHEN DEALER IN nVTillinery, &c. Wc Sell for Cash Only. lflStf 33 SOCTII MAIN STKEET. 85 (O S20p,or r -Ascnts wantod I An v.' " " classes of working pt-ople, of ia nor sex, young or old, makc more money ot work for us in tlicir spare momenrs or all the time, thauatanythingclse. Particulars (ree. Aadress (j,. Stineoa & Co., rortland, Maina


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