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Shoriff's Bule. OTATE OF MICHIGAN', wüty oí Vfúhtm „ Washtenaw, and to me directed and dolivered ai ,h,s and miereet vid William Steven 1,,,, , , á fd to th lol owing dewribed Und., to wit : Lotnumltr (o' ...bock number even .outh, r.n twt!vc Va, ', 11 p city of Ann Arbor, county :in.l state aforesaW wlnch abo dcstribed propwtv I hal] .-x,, ■ t south dóör at the Court House, in the citv of Ann Ai towihdS?! iu" a w", o tl. tnn;l) iuv. y' A' i873i at ooe 'clock Dated, Ann Arbor, Ajjril 10, fS7J, 1451M -rM tN WMfB, late Sheriff. _1481td By Tbob. J. Hoskins, Deputy Sheriff Commissioners' Notice i OTATE OE MICHIGAN, county of Vashtenaw ss I late óf said county, deceased, hereby -ivo notice th I rooate Ccfurt for creditors to present their claim agai. ; the estafé Of d dcocased! nd that they Tl F. JÓSEPH tAÍÍÉÍ M21w4 JOHN IMMEH, , s - . Commissioners. Chancery Order. rpHE Circuit Court for the CóUnfy óf v-.-iáhreníi In Chancery. EUnora Tasco, compla.nn.Vt vs Ke'iben Tasco defendanl. On the ISth da y ÏÏ 'March 1873, on proof by affidavit on flle that thé sáin dó fejidant, RsuSen Taseö, out of thé State o ITich.gan, and does rèsnJe irt the District of C'ohlmMa Itlson mofjon of B. E Fraef, soliiilor f complamant, ortefed that the said defendant, íteub 1 aco, appear ... thi. uit and answer the bil of coraDÜt3! Maeí3.níS.tWentyday8 früm tLiS datw ' LAWRENCE Circuit Cotirt Commissioner. W.iThtrninr Lawhekck & Pbazib, Coíinty, Mioh i ' ,n 1 Sohcitora for Cómpíaiimnt. ïfl Assignees' Noties. . VOTICE n heïiy g-ffen fhat the asaignees of Henrv iT Goodyear w.ll meet at the Goodyew House, in?i8 r ft , "JP'ter, in the County of WtÍ" and Stale ot Michigan, on Tuesday. the rith d-iv oi .''ïhV 'f," i"'11 in. the fenoon, to recebe a tatertieíit of oilelainlïaB-ttinst aW Heniy Goodyear ',frt'K i1,!." ?"' rihe 9siiï"mt totheundeiïgued, and that all persons who desire to receive any distnbut.on uuder id asdgnment, must give no tice of their cliuma with the vouchers or proof thereuf to theiHideraigned t or befwe said meeting os t i ,, tended to dedHre a dividend among editóla at thït time ot abon thereaftcr as may be. '■LI:UIlm ac tnat 1 IWted, llai.ehoster, Fêb. % 1.T7Í,fiASfSOM S. SMtTH, JOSEP5I McMAHOMWK. H. CALK1N, 1115 Aaaigneea of Henry Goodyear. Mortg-age Sale. DEFAULT having been made )n the or.dñion of a certain mortgage executód by Joepli v Wait.of the city of Ann Arbor. Couutv of Vi,h tenaw and State of Michigan, on the twen? -ècoïd dayof June, A. D. 1867, .oKobert McCormiek of the township of Ann Arbor, County of Washtenaw aforèaid, and recorded in the office of the Keaister of Deeds for th= CWty t,f Wmhlenaw. and BtittaLnsaid, on the twfenty-secöHd day of June, A D 1667 t o'clock P. M. of 6„id day, líber 'numbor 3S of mortgages, on page 7S4 ; and that there is now claimed tobAdne and unpnid on said boud and nort"aiie Ihe urn ot fouv hundred and forty-one doHur amHw' ,,. ty-nve cents, also at. attorner's fee of tMrty dollnTk liould any proceedings be tuken to freJlóse said mortgage, and no proeeediirmr hi law er in eani haviug ucen had to rcOoVer eind sum of money or nny .part thvrraf; ndf. therffoTe notice is hereby gire ithatby virtueof a power of sale in s;,id morSfage contamed, I slinll sell at pubhc aucöon to the highest bidder, on the thirty-flrst day ot May next, at two o doek V. M. of said day, at the front , loor of the . íü use' m 'he city of Ann Arbor, in the County of W,wht,,n:lw, ,ma Sote of Miehlgan, thirt Wnx the SffSí18 tl)0 Circuit Coarta are held ñmiú óoüntv all those certain pies or xuoels of land sil.mted iV the city of Ann Arbor, Cclunty of Washtena afflreamd, bemjflots number one [H, to; lüree. and four in blocKnO-fibet six (S), Bi-n na Fulk-r's addition t'. the vilhcge norw city of Ann Arbor ; also a piêce ol land eightrods square, bounded on the west bj PonllacstieW, south by thenorth l.n of block nimbïl s.x, Brown and Fuller's nad'iitm, oft the tioiiMjv land owned by James, nnd uh the eflst bt the pnrtv of the tirst part anti Dadlal Cfaifford ; alsd k pit-cë dt lana lying between the uorth-ea&t corner of lot number two and the north line of block number six Brown and Fullcr's addition to the village of Ann Arbor aforesaid, being n triangular piece ofland lyms between the north line of lots one and two, block number six, Brown and Fuller's addition and the north line of said block. Dated, March 6, 187a. WILLIAM GEER, Administrator with the Wil] annexed John N. GortW, of the Estáte of Robert McCormiek Attorney tor deceased. Administrator of Jlortgagee. 1410 qQ DIECES -OF , BLACK ALPACAS! JÜST RECE1VED MACK I SdffiTS 1416 _ JFor Serofula, ScrorJ- ulotis Ií-hm o f t tne Eyes, or Scrofu . Is in any lorm. JV Any disease or ernption "ö of the Skin, diseaae of the T3 tiypr, Rlieamatism, PitnXH ples,OldSores,tJlce,BrokOYl en-down Constitu t i on 8, 0X& 8yphil, or any disease deeíg pending oB a depraTedconSSsKfik dton of the blood', try &MÍ DR.CROOK'S Ö1 SVRUP OF f POKE ROOT. T0 It has the medicinal propWj&ibt elt7 of Poe combined with' Z' goes at once into the blood, M&ÍP performing the most rapid J and wonderful cures. Ask yerar Druggist for Dr. Crook'g üompound Syrup of Poke Boot- tak A ntl be healadv TAM.ES MeMAHON, Justice of the Fcace, Office in new blockrNorth of Court lïoüse Jïoney eollerted and promptly paid over. IISUBA3SrCJB AGENT. Trlnmph, nsset, Jj27.M3.ll Norttl MiBSoCTl, " li4r,41T 81 Htbcrniav " 35u,0O0.'ou KEAL HSTATK. IhftTe80cresof land „' of a mlle froin the city lmits, flnely locatcd for fruit or garden pnrposes. Aleo 40 acres. AIbo 10 acres, wifh house and barn.and a Mvel Btream of waier piMioing throuftS tt bara yard. 60 acres, miïe oet. I will aellany or iilftbe aboyo civeap, or cïcfiange Tor city property. 1M4 JAMES McMAHON. ] A GENTS WAKTEB VIEEDED BY ALL FARMERS! The best books published on the ff orsr ;uul the Liberal torm-. money madcrapuity by Agi'nte + J Une these books. Send for circu larst " 'oRiÊK & COATES, ruuiiexiiaa, Fhlladelphia, Ta1


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