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l'.stitto of Jo;epli P. Scliiil CTATBOFMIOHIGAX (Jonnlvnfw . bo assigned for the li -,rW 7,f ■ 1 . lunooo. the rrtfbïle Offlre, in he ( V Of Ann a imd show cause, if inv there 1 , n AlboiV the petitiiSer shoiUa ,"?íbe ..rï,,i T?" ' furtherordered, thatsaid MtKloSerï' "d U said petition, imd the heuvhiïti,? L t "' denc''' copyof this order Ju 3ted1nt& W?" (A t copy.) NOAH W. OTKKVKK, JudKe of Probate. l'resent, Sfoeli V. Cheever. Judee ef Pfoht u newapupcr printed and árealatñltf ri á d fí, ""' Judgo of l'ro'ba'tf. Éstate of PhiÏÏi iidiü . ' ' $TATE OF MICHIGAN, Coun.v of WnsWn „ of Aan Arbor, on Wediwsday, the ,th l,v ï tresent, Ñonli W. Cheever, Judge of Probafp Thereupon it is oTdered. tbnt Wednesdny, the sevmti, dny of fiay geut, at ten o'clock in the ior100„ te Mdgnea for examining aad ,,lloin S Í öonnt, rad that the beun ut lkw f ,,í S e.od, ëtl,l allother pc,,,,„s i„t ■ ed ' f s j tote, are required to appeM ni a session ñ' aid Court, then U be hrjden at the l'rohale Offic.' n the City of Ann Albor" in said counly rd S P, if anythore be, why the s„M „ccoumihtil nol . be al owed: AikI H is lntther ordered. that iSdSi iilïnstratorgitenodceto the persons interested in túi state, ot the pendency of S!, id „coount, and the hwrta. hcreof by c-rns,. a py „r „lls OT]o t0 be be R e.Jft tft in -1.ys. i newspapirprinted aadSwï (Atruecopy.) OAH AV. CnEEVER, 14-1 Judïe of Prob'nte.Roal Estáte for Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, cmntv of Washtenaw n 3 in the matter of the e,kvj of Cornelina LwSkï SD order pranted tO thè nndeisied AdnSn „ i 1l.o estille of J.,i'd deeeascd. by the Hou. Judeeof roDate for u,e county of wñshtenaw, nn the tw? ty-second daj July, a. d. 1872, thwe MB bc rold at public vendue, to the bighesf bidder, at the dwe! Lt btmae n_ the premiso, Reieinuftrt deecribed, in thV cpunty of Washtem.w, ir. rld Stte, on èaturdir the twrniy-iourth doy ot Má, Á . 1873, at S o oloci in he forenoon of thnt day (subject (o oll e cumlna,,,cs by mortgafre or olherwise eiistinit at th time ot the deth of deceased), the followin d". senbed real estale, to wit : The west half of tkcsoW west quarter of seetio twenty three in townshin ons wUh ot range mi east, in said Surte, containinj -eres, more or leur. Aleo a parce] of kr.d de-inbed i.s commencins t the quarter post betneen sectionB twenty-two and twenty-three, same townsl.ip and range, and lunninR east on said quarter line to sub-divib.on post, t honce north on said line t-wenMS, thêiBB amtp twenty-fónr roda to the plncè of pcgmliiñg, containing twelve acres of land, exceptiiw Irom the nbove (hu acre conveycd bv deed frum iaid Cottiehus LaughliB and ■nife, under date of Depember 8th, 1M3, lo Jumes Kennedy, wbich said deed e i recoidcd in hhrr (o of deeds, On pag-e 597, in the )ffleeot the RegiBter ot Uecds in said county Dated, April IDih, 1S73.1421 WILLIAM IiURKE, Adrr.inistlator. Mortgage Sale. OEFAULT having been ïnudein tbeconditions of eertain mortgwgo dnted the sccond duy of July A D.1856, mfede and uxecutcd by Hugli H. Vreeland and ITannali reetand, hú wjfe, of the township of Lidi Washtenaw Counly, and8toteof Miohigan, to John' Geddia, of the sa place, and recoidedin the othoeof the Register of Deeds lor the County of Washtennw State of Michigan, on the second Iny of July, A d' 18oG, and rccoideu in libev 24 of mortgao pun 657wliichBiidmortgMgowason the Sd duy of Januari ■ A. 1). H7,i, asiH iftrle F. Crime Adtmnistrator of the estáte of .ohn (ieddis, to Hannuh y reeland, and which assignment was recorded in the' Register' Office of the County of Washtenaw in Ilber3 of MaignmeBto OÍ mortgastson pape 6 6 'and which raid mortffdSe tras on the 3 st day of Janunry A. U. Io7a, assined by Hannuh Vreeland, of tlie' .tovinrfnp of I.odi, Washtenaw ounty, Miohigan to' Ilenty reeland, of the sarao plnee, nnd which asi"nment was reeord'-d in the Uegister's Office of the' County oí Washtenaw, in liber 3 of mortgages on page 607, and which saiiñ raortgnge was on the ïsth day OÍ March, A. ü. 1873, aaOKnëd by Heniy Vree. lnnd to Chnstian Mack i.nd Frederick ííchraid, Jr., which assic'nment was recorded in the Register'Ofltoe, in the County of V-'nslitenaw. in liher 3 of mortgages on psïe 608 ;" aiül wliereas, there is duo nrd unpaid on said moi-tange at the date of this notice tlis sum of two tlio-usnnd one liundred and seTenty-eiixht ■50-l;odollDTSiiï,i;..')ii-lci) '.nril no suit or pioceed-ïns; at law hns been nstituted to recover the sume or nny part thenof; notice is hereby given that on Satimlay. the fiftli day of July, A. D. eighteenhundred and seventy three, at twelre o'clock noon, of that dny, nt the front door (south side) of ihetourt House, in the City of A.m Atbdt, Washtenaw Couutr,MichigaD, by virtue of the power of sule eontainod in said mortgage, we shall eell at puUio auction, to th lugliest bidder, the pwmises described in said moit-gage, of so muoh thereot as muy be necessavy to satisfy thei-.tnouht due on said mortgage at thedïiteot thii notiee with interest and the cost and expenses 1-lowed by luw, and also an r.ttorny fee of twenty-tive dolían as provided in said mortgage. Tlie lollovicg is a desciiption of the land and prerhises is iven in saidmorlgage. atid to be mld in pursuance of the above notice, to wit : The west half (JJ) of the soutliwest quarter (',) of section one (1), town three (3) soirth range flve eist, Washtenaw ounty, Micliipan, WMB the ttjpuTteqaaae8 thereunto bel'.úgiug Dated, Ann ArBor, Uardi u7, 1S73. CHKLSTIAN' MACK and FKEDERICKSCHM1D, Jr.,i? KÉDETÏTPK PlSTOIlITÍS, ASBlgllCes. Atiornoy ior Assignees. 1Í19 Mortgnge Sale. rjEKAUT.iT havinj? been made in the eondilionsof yj n ccitain mortgaga, dated tho twenty-fourth duy of February, a. d. 1872, mude and exeiuted by Marjr & Ituckmnn and Sites C. Rwktoan, ot the townchirof Manobester, Washtenaw Connty, Michiirin to Frederici s?hmid,-8enior, of the city'of Ano Arbor, Uounty and State nioresriH], and reflördcd in the office of the Register of Deeds fop tho county of Wnshtenilw, Michigan, on the tweiity-rifthth day of l-'ebiu-' ary, .-, u. ÍHt, in' Libeí 4H of Slortgage, on pnge ZtR!, by i-iih defnult the power of sale contiiined in said moTtgnge bec mnMjp, r.itivc, and no proceedingain luw or eqtiity iiaving been ñlstituted to recover tlie dc-bt secured by suid mtoftgtg ai .uiy p.-n t there-' of, and the snm of nine hundred and thirtyfour ;dollr'3 iind twenfy-íix cents (Í9.ÍI.2C) being now claiinec'. lobeduu iipii sai.l mortg;iíe ut the date of lins notiee, teaiiles cosis and expenses of thisfoieclosmB, and also an Attoiney's fee of twenty-flve1 (J .ö.O(i) dollars : Notice is thei-efore hereby givcn that said inoïtp -ill b iorecl'weil by a sale of the premisea descri'ded in stu'd mortgafie, or sorae pait thereof, tö wit: All the t'Moitig describfd land .-ïtuated in the ouilty of WashtPiinw, Siate of Mich-' iïan, Ijeing tbs west half ( (4) of the northwest quar-ter ( lj} ot seetioTi seveii (7), contamina thirty ncres ; also all thot part of the weBt huif H) of the southi'MSt quarter (',) of srotioil numínr one (1) lyinï soulhsre t o-f Jütev lifrisift and norih of the Salina (toad, containiníí aboiit eiht aciesj all of faid land being in township tour (4) ?oth of tiirtsc tnrea (3) cast, at public vendue to the higbest bidder, at the front door (south side) of the CoOri House in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county of Washtenaw, on the tweoly-eightli aaj of .lunc nèxt, at noon. Dated, April 2, 1873. RUEDEEICK SCHMIÜ, Senior, JntKDEBïCK 1'isToitiua, Moitiragee.Attwny foi Mortgage. l4Ïotd Mortgíige Sale. I " EFAULT haviny been made in the condih'ons of U a eeztain raortgage dated the rtisi day oï Marcby A. D. H'.i, tf;ii1" umi ■■uk I hy John Diehl nnd Mavtrawttn Diehl, of the i'ilyof Ami Albor, MicliiL-.;tn. to J'iiiry L. Junes, of Williamsburgh, ia tha state oí BfossatshuMtts, nd record ed in Ihe office of the Register oí' JJeeds for the Coitniy of isbtenaw, State oï Michigan, on the third day of Mareh, A. D. I(i9, in liber 89 of raortgagw, at paffe 0&2, irïrieh said mortgoge was on the twt'nty-sixth day of December,A. D. 187, sold ind assigned fey eaid Henry L. James1 to LeonardGrims'r. whlch Btd assipnment -ríis on the iliinieth day of Januury, A. D. 1K73, recordcd in? the office of the Register of ÍJeeds aforesaid. in iibeif 3 of aKsiirinnent Bf mortfnc-s. nn JMgfl 604; andwbereas, ihoie is duc and unpaid oji said inortgape at Üre date of thia notioe the sum of tweaty-sii hundred' dollars [3600.00] and no snit or procesiliiipr wt luw has b'.'ofi histituted 10 recover the same or jffty part thereof. Notice is liereby given tlmt on Mondny, May twelftb, A. }1. 1873. at 12 o'clnek noon of that day, at the front doo? [gOBrh swe) oi the i.'oml House, in the city oí Aun ÁvboÁ Wa4te&aiV Tonnty, Michifjan, by" virtue of the power oí sale eontuinetí in taid raortii.ill sell at public ttHBtion, lo the hiphesfc biddt.-r. the premieei desoriS d in said mor tg age, or romueh ' thereoi as muy be necessary to BBtisfythfl amouiit duo on said Tpottgage ai the date of this no-tier, with interest, nnd Ihe cost and expens-ps allowerjby luw, and afco an uttorney fee of 30.00 as provided' in said mortgage. Thefollowing is a desetiption o{ the land and remises as triven in said fnorijjapp, and to he ttold in pnrsuiiide oi iho above notire, to ■Hit : All thoso ceitain piecet oï pareéis oí' lanrl sitíiated in1 the city of Ann Arbor, Ccwirty of Washteöaw, and' State wforeMtid, known, bounded anddoscribcd n& ', to wit : Being lotsnumSera five andsix [5 nd 6) :n Vloek number nine, in Ormsby and Pas-e's nddifion 0 the Tillare (noiv dty) of in Arbor. and that n't of lot nnaibcr e%ht in said block, lyina south of 1 direct line from tht eïiat cornfr of said lot tixv to the outheíist (.ni-nor of BsM Moek number nine, with thippurtenaneee tliorennto belonging, Üated, Ann Arbor, Vbmary IS, 1873. I, KON Alt ü ÜKUXER, FïieöRRïck PiBTORrüft, Assignec. Attorney for Aeeignee. 1413 T IVÈTiÏEESE FEAÏÜJfikb PIRSTQTJALITY , unit ïyonhand andforsaleby BACH& ABEL,


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