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The Coming Comet

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Au astronomical friend well up in stel lar matters tells us about tho coming cornet. It is the old wanderer known a Benas, which was thought, likoNiobo, to have changed into a shower of meteorio stones. Comets do, it appears, reach art earth stage or opaque character, on tho principie that a body when frequ'ently electrified becomes magnetic. Our earth was once a cornet; but its tail is now exhibited in earth currents of electricity,' which are indicated by the Aurora Borealis and by stoppges of the telegraph. All astronomers and goologists admit that the earth vras once on firo, but havo not remarked that this raeans it wag theö a oometi Our friend informs üs that a cornet may fall iiito the sun, as Newtoö thought, because it ia attracted on its side next the sun more than it is repelled oñ the opposite side, as the electricity escapes trom its tail. But as the earth retains any electricity expelled from ths suu or moon, she can never fall into the central orb, the two synchronous tides exoinplifying the attraction on one sido of the earth by the inoon, and tho repulsión of the other side: Tho machis opefañdi is the samé as occurs when a body is presentad to an eleotrifying machine. It becomes negativo and rushes to the machine to regain its due share of the olectric fluid. But the earth, being perfectly iusulated, is as much repelled throughout half its extent (as the tides show) as it is attracted through the othcr balf. J. E. Charaberlin, President of the Èti: Joseph Fruit Crowor's Assoóiation, cf Michifcañ, añnounccs ns the rcsiilt of a tour of observation through the fruit farms of that región, that so mruiy ppaoíí buds are alivo thatsanguinsfruit growerá estímate the erop of peachea at on third a fnll orop. ïho poach trees killed by the sovere eold were inostly cid, sickly trres; npjOrs never. looied botter ; pea ii3". nrá i tfSuitJ grapes premiso un abun.; dar.t erop ; strawberries are in a splendid eonditiori and will yield full er p, and cherries and plums prouiise equally well. The parííes oigaged in the eönspiraéy agninst Jude Videto, ui Jaokson, wheré-" in ho was charged with having coranrt-' ted nu nsmult on the person of Micnle' Eay, Bomo time sinoe, Tvere held to bail un tho 2öth ïaf-i. for appoarance for trial in the Circuit Court. The bail was fixcrl ai $1,000 each. Tn consequ'once of doveiopments dduoed during tho inveátigation, the Prosecuting Attorney has refu. ed to file an information against ths' Judgo for tho ussault cornplained otV


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