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Selling Liquor To Minors

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The strps reeently talren to enforce, more rigidly than has done heretofore, the luw wbicfa prohibits the sale of intoxicating dïinks to minors, will meet ivith tho hearly approval of all good citizens. The city hw been too long disgraced by having its pólice records embellished .ilmost daily with the names of boys oí' teoder jears, charged with lrunkenness ; and it is time tlio men who are responsiblo for sueh state ofthings, should be broughfc to justice. Under a law of tho Stato pvtssed iu 1867, it is a ïiiisdfiraeanor, punisliable with a fine of twonty dollars, and sixty days' imprisonment in default of paymont, to sell or give to any minor any spirituousliquor jr intoxicating drinks, or to permit any Kuch minor to pluy carda, dice, billiards, or any gume of ch-nice, in any part of anybuildinK where intoxicating drinks are sold. Lüce a numbor of other laws, howovti', this hns ftiiled of enforcement ; partly through thonegloct of those whose duty it wns to attend to the matter, but partly, also, b9oauso it lias been difficult to induce the proper parties to make cojnplaint. Thu firét diffioulty seems now f a be surmounted, and the second will not long renist a determinad offort It is a matter, howevcr, of so mueh importance as to richly merit co-oporation on the part of eitizens with the üiithorities. A líttle of the rnissionary eíí'ort, so generously oxercïscd on behalf of tho heathen ïn foreign lunds, could vory profitably be exertcid in behalf of thoso who, for want of it, are in this oity of Detroit growing up worso than tho heathon.- - F vee. Presa. Col. Y. A. Canieron, who during the ■vvar Offiíimmleil tlie Fifth Uuited States Artillory; comioitted suicide at New York on íridaj) becíiu:;& of reaoral from Diwtofn h;iuse. Deoeased, who was í: i tire of Gen. Bunipidc, was at tinte rangt.d, in c; n -quenco oí' a wousid uecived wb,üe in tho ürmy.


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