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- Parson Brownlow defends the stiIíii-t steal. Says ho usod to eam $10.000 a year as editor of the Knoxville Whiq, und tbat tbo Government gots hig services cheap at !?7,ó00. Perhapa : but then as publisher of' the Whitj was he Bccustoraed to cbntl-act to furnish his daily at $10 a year, and then finding a wny of acccss to his subscribers' pocket books talie $15 without ns miioh s sayinp " by yon pei"mission f That isjust Vvhat he has done as Senator. -- The pross beinfj invlied to oxpress nu opinión of Advertising Airents, the Denver Xeirs frees it.s mind, and is decided!y of tivo opininn that they are nuisanccs to be abateiï rathor than tolerated : tl) at U Wlth very fow exnoptions. It would ihink better of the systera if all of the. HtettWl of tho recent New York convoiition were cloor on its books. Ditto. - The coopera of New York City are on a strike : not for higher pnces, but because the sugar renners persist in purohasing pine barrels made iri Maiiie. Those coopers havo evidently been sitting at the feet of the Gamaliels of protection and beliove in carying oüt tho doctrine taught thetn to its legitímate end Qood on their heads. - It is now giren oüt that Hon. S. S. Cox wiil be the successor of te late James Broolcs in Congres3 - the district being the one in which he resides and carved out of his old district and the oíd district of Mr. Broolcs. The House without Cox will be a dull affair. and the peopie gonerally will rejoice to see hini baet in his old seat. ■- Jesse Grant - not tho Covington postmastcr but the j'oungster Jesse - was at Benicia, Cal., on the lst inst., to ness tüB breaking ground on the Central (narrow gauge) Railroad. The telegraph neither naraes nor tells tho nuraber of boys of Jesse's age who were also present. - The " Gcrman-Amerioan" beerdrinkers, of Cincinnati, admonished by the prevailing fmancial stringency, propose to strike for three cent beer, and if not conceded will quit thoir beer drinking. Tho drinkers claim that the sellers are making to largo a proflt. - In Jackson county a special election has been ordered for May 3lst, to elect a Sheriff in place of Sheriff Greene, deceased ; and also a Coroner to fill a vacaney cansed by a neglect to qualify of one of the Coroners elected last fall. - Mayor Peirce, of Grand Ilapids don't think there is any danger of the " Valley City " reaching a population of a hundred thousand ' before the coramencement of the twentioth century.'' Modest Mayoi". - A Missouri bootblack recently wer.t out to dig sassafras root, and found a I tlo containing about $6,000 in gold and silver eoin : which bas set all the bootblacks in that región to prospecting for sassafras root. - Tho remains aA Bishop Mcllvaine, of Ohio, who died in Florence, Italy, on the 12th of MaruU Ia8t, arrived in New York on Saturday last, by the steamer i City of Baltiinore, in charge of the Eev. W. J. Lawson, of Paris. - Up to noon of Monday last, twentysevon Senators and Representativos had paid into the U. 8. Treasury the sura of $111,000 on account of the back-pay sal ary increase. " While the lauip holds out to burn." - Cast-iron job type ia one of the latest novelties, and is no Yankee notion oither, but the patent of Messrs. Geo. Scott & Co. of Montreal. It ia claitnod to be superior to and cheaper than wood type. - Senator Anthony has boen busted in crayon for the Bedwood Library at No wport, R. I. Frank Thorp, of Ouio, was the artist, and the officers and employés of the U. S. Sonate paid the shot. - Josh Billings, tirod of his bad spelling) at home, proposes a turn across the briny sea, in imitation of other great humorists wliom he has never been kuown to imítate in any other way. - Ex-Gov. Orr, of South Carolina, and successor of Gov. Curtía at the Court of St. Petersburg, died on Monday evening of inflammation of the lungs. - $27,000,000: that is the estimated cost of the Darien ship canal. lts length ia twenty-eight miles, and the necessary tunnel will be three miles long. - Charles Sumnor has just closed up his accounts for the late session, and ordered the back-action increasc of salary paid over to the treasury. - Mrs. BrinkerhofF has been both leaturing upon and illustrating Iree love at Battlo Creek to the great disgust of the people of that city. - The funeral of the late Hon. James Brooks took place at Graco Church, New York, on Sunday afternoon last. - The Prohibitionists of Jackson county liave held a convention and nom inatsd Judge Videto for Sheriff. - Tho Vienna Exposition was oponed on the lst inst. with a great flourish of royal trumpets. - The ainount of outstanding legal tenders on the 5th inst., was $257,180,919. By the way Toledo is piling up its debt in aid of railroad projects it is evident that her figuring or fugling financiers are full believcrs in the local application of the maxim that " a national debt is a national blessing." Having voted to aiJ tho Colurubus and Toledo road (east line), to the amount of $200,000, it also impurtially votes $200,000 in aid of the Toledo and Columbus road (west lirte). This in addition to about $500,000 to the Toledo and Woodville road - a section in the Toledo and Hanffield line and operated by the Pennsylvania Company, and we don't know how much to other projects. And now aid ia talked of to the Canada Southern - which it would seem will hava to be made indirectly as the State line ís so neaf the city limits tbat the appropriation in that direction must be expended in a narrow limit. Is n't there such a thing as orerdoing this aid business ? The late Chief-Justice Chase had not been oven placed in Lis coffin before it was given out that Senator Conkling, of New York, has the best chance to secure his cast-off robes, title, and honorg. LitÜe men to the front, and no waste of time. - Senator Cabpenteb, inclines to tho opinión that his colleague, Senator Howe, is the coming Chief-Jnstice. Pive car-loads of United Stafes infantry passed through St. Louis Wtdnesday, en route for the 6eat of the Modoo war. Jtjst now n serious and determined effort is being made in Detroit to enforee so mucb of the prohibitory legislation of the State as maltes it a panal offense to sell or give liquors or ititoxicating beverages to minors, or to permit minors to play at hillinrdp or othcv games in rooms or buildings where liquor issold. This is hegiunins at tho right end. Whatever in.] i vid öal liberty is clr.imed for the grown ap oitf an, - the elector, the socereign, - the minor is certainly subject to restraint- both iipon his appetites and actions. And short work should bo made of that saloon keeper wlio Wlll give orsell liquors of any kind to minors The sevorest penalty of the law is too mild to mote out anything like justice, but such as it is it, should be ineasurod out in the most summary manner possiblo. Lot boys be protected during tlie years betwe en fifteen and twontyone and the long proeession of uiiddle gerl dnmkards will bo materially shortened. It is in those years habitp are formed which affect the whole future life. - We cali the attention of our Mayor, City Attorney and pólice forcé to this matter. Whenever an intoxicated minor is seen on our streets let tho necessary steps oe taken to discover where he got his liquor, and let extreme puniskmcnt speedily follow. And, we also say, let daily nnd nightly watch bo kept of all places where liquor is sold, and let them be kept entirely clear of minors. The}are no place of resort for the young, and but dangerous mau-traps for the old. The Supreme Court, in general term, has denied tho application of Stokes for a new trial. And next will be an appeal to the Court of Appeals - tho court of final resort in the State of New York. A council of Homeopathie physicians from this and neighboring States was held at the Oregory House on Tuesday and Wednesday. The exclusive object of the meeting was to kindly relieve the Regenta of tlie ' University from the oneroua duty imposed upon them by recent legislation : naming two professors of Homeopathy in tho Moriical Department of the University. As the result of the deliberations tho aforesaid Eegcnts are at liberty to seieot from the foüüvrin? nominees, preference giveu in the order named: Professor of Thconj and Practiee-Vmi. X. F. Cooke, of Chicago; Prof. A. R. Mokgan, of New York; Dr. H. P. Gatchell, of Kenosha, Wis. Professor of Materia Medica and tics- W. E. Tayne, of Batli, Me. ; II. B. Bellows, of Chicago; T. Bachmeister, of Tronton Illinois. We are confMent that the Regents will feel a great load of responsibility takeu from their shoulders. - And no great light of Homeopathy was discovered in Michigan. - ■ - m - i ■ - - Our citizens are ív long suffering and forbcaring people. They spenrl much time and monev in cultivatmg fiue gardens, in sesding and turfinff their yards, iu planting out fruit trees and shrubbory, and then fold their arma, let their neighbors' cows forage on their premises both day nnd night, and reward the seli'-same neighbors by paying them six cents a quart for their spare milk. They set out shade treea in front of their premises yearly, and then quietly see a drove of cows amuse themsclves in twisting them out of the ground. Gates and bars are no protection and so they scold and storm, perhaps swear, and the destructioii goos on. This rather than offend a ueighbor by cafflng to their lid the lavr and Ha officera. When will patience Ciase to be a virtue ? We understand that the Mendelssohn Quintette Club of Boston will give a couoert ut Ihe Fresbyterian Church, Monday evening, May 19th. As the entertaiiunents given by t!ie Quiittetto Club in Ann Arbor have ahvays been of the highest order, we doubt many will bc glad to know they are to be here once more. They are acoomj)anied by Axs.i Geaxgek Dow, who ranks amaeng the first vocalista in the country. Tickets at tho bookstores. TnE "Gueat Basteen" Comiso.- Xot the celebrated steamer Great Eastern which ome well-known Ann Arborites wont way down to Portland to see and didn't find, but the cösnbiiiation Menagerie, Museum, Circus, Avinry, Aqiarium, Ilippodrome, Caravan, and we don't know what else. The dato of the Gkeat Easteen's coming is Thursday next, March lóth. Tho four mile procession of gÜded dong, vans and tableaos cars, with four bands of music and a steara piano " the of which can be heard four miles," awakens the greatest excitement in any Imvu wherever the Great Eastern appears. The Cincinnati Commercial gives this monster show the followiug hearty indorscment : "It is tho most gigantic afïair of tho age, havmg twelve monstrous tenta, and comprises tritfaiq ite varied dopartments the dazzling splendor of arenio talent, the instructiva wonders of zoology, tho attractivc curiosities of the museum ; the thousunds of pleaaing attractions of its inauy departments that will greatiy amuse, Instruct and benotit the publie taste for a moral show, and will at oneo display the wondcrful ncconipli.shments of genius aiid art. " Tho Great Buten is onn of the modern show triumphs, in trhich the splendoi of Homo in her golden age, when the Imperial Cicsar Augustus held sway in that magnificent empire, is entirely eclipsed. The tact, gcuitiu and Buccossiul management in the compüation of this leviathan, stamps the originators of the Great Bajtern as tho monarchs of American showinen, if, indeed, they may not disputo the palm with the world. "A largor list of artists and' artistes wns never before exhibited ; a more costly apparel fora circus never caine together ; a better selcction of animáis aud curiosities cannot bo iound on the globe."


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