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TFhnt 'S'liose lio t'sc It Say.- Your Hire Syrup and Tola, or üoney Syrüp, bas proveo1 itsdf the most religóle medicine for the purpose intended of tvhich I have any knowlcdgo. MiltOk, Wynu Co., Ind. David G. Keru. We considcr yoffr Hive fiyrup and Tolu, or Honey Syrup, an excellent arlicle, and can conscientiously recommend it to the pul lic. Tiskilwa, 111. Ji. W. Baelow & Co. Mow to Bréale np a Bad Calsi.- Take a tea-spoonJul of Dr. Mfller's Magneüo Balmina teacupful of wurm ïwcetened water on to bed. It will throw you into a sweat, and you are all rijrht in the moriiir.. 2ó ets. per bottle. See advertisement in anolher column. ÏSeyoml tle Iïlississippi.- Tliousandshave olready gone,and thousimds more are turningtbei eyes towards new homes in tbe fertile West. To those going to Missouri, Kansas, ïiebraska, Colorado Ctivh, Wyoming, íTevada, Oiegon or California, we recommend k cheap, safe, qnick and direct route, via St. Lonis, over the Missouri Pneific Railroad, which ■uns its flne Duy Coaches ancl Tullman Sleepers from St. Louis to principal points in the West wüJwut chang, Vebelieve that the Missouri Pacific Railoád has tbe best track and the fincst and snfest ■ciuipment of any line westof the Jlississippi, anrl its onneotiona with rods fmtber West are prompt and ■aliable. The Texas counection of this rnad is now completad, and passi ngers are effered a Hrsldass. all■ail route from Rt. T,onis to Tèxus, pither over t)ie Missouri, Kanas & Texan E. Tt., via Seilalia, or over ho Arbmtic & Pacitic i:. J., via Vinila. For mapa, ime tabl's, intormütion as ïo rates. routes, &0.tW6 efer oor readers to I. G. Wheelcr. Northern Passen■ T .Vgent. 73 Lloyd strest, liurfalo, N. Y., oí K. A '6rd. fienerftl Piteenffer A.-it, St. Louis, Mo. Qw.siions wül bc chctrfidhj andpromptly antweredl Eaafffratifm Turning-! Cheap Farms in South-west Tlfosonri !- The Atlantic & l'aoiflc Kuilroad Compuny offers 1.200,00) aerea of land in Central and Southwest Missouri, at front $3 to $l -2 pep acre, on seren yeara1 time. with free transTovtiition frm i-t. Tjouis f o all purcliasers. CHmate, soil, timber, mioerft] woalth. schools, churohes anrl law abiilirisr society invite emigrante fi om nll points to this land of fruita anrl flowen. For particulara, address A. Tuck, Land Commissioner , St. fjouis, Missouri. 1417


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