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Detroit Live Stock Market

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From the Dcivoit Free Press. Michigan Cfnttïal Yahds, Mondny, 5Iay 5. The receipta at these yards from the vanous points in the State for the week ending May 8th, were as follows: Hencl. Cat.tie 2CG Hogs 1.52S Sbiep 207 Stock receivcd for transhipment: Cattle 1,451 llogs 2,870 CATTLE. The same dullness ruled as at the previous market, and also the absence of prominent operators. Home buyers were few, coiifining operations to a class that are ready to catch any disadvantagc of the market. Advices froin the East of a A-ery bad market there had a tendeucy to érente a close feeling. The pens were sparsclv occupied by lots held in the market, though what lots were in avoraged frood. Wilson & Stcad had a veiy choicc lot of Michigan Ktocrs, averagirtg 1,200 lbs., which attracted attention, selling for ?5 30. Some through cattle gave evidence of what our shippers have to contend with. A lot of Illinois slccra wore very choice, and showcd excellent wiutering. A lot of twenty thorough bred, heü'ersof the Durham grado en route to California elicited mueh praise. These cost the owner thus far S270 per head, and were in the charge of an ttttendaut who must be with tlicm till they reach their dsstination. The local trado continúes uurepresented, os in the former week. The sales made, though close wem not mucli below last week s rulings. c quote: Ghuioetofxtra. verntfrft l,OG.n to 1,200 Ibs., in poo.l floFl, „rul bniM Í5 25@6 2."i Common to choiw, vernj?ing 1.000 to ] ■' -ui 1, , in meilinin fleali and lm::-1. 1 :' Ij.aht rattle tor feedei. 4 25:.j 1 60 IIOGS. The demand is unchangcd, clioice lots selling rith the siimo rajnility ná Uist weck. Operators here roceive some choice lot from more We5teru a Chicago, ömi ' oiög that théro i bo clangor oí any depreciation oí prices to amooèt to anything fi r a while yet. Vc quote : Loto nveraging ISO to 200 Iba .-, ooiíís 24 Lota light weigM 4 . 4 60 BHKEP. Thcr : were but two lots in, and thoso of very inferior qu.ility, but tiringiiiií úr rete. T)ie ronda :re still in suoh a condition as to preoludí; Uie driving of drovcs to any point from whcnce a market may be reached. We quote : Lola SO to SJO lbs, choice frudes and in axceueat Hoaditlon $5 so@6 L0 Lots BTeragiDK SU to 90 lbs, medium (frailes nnd order 4 50(35 25


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