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-Mx3. P'Arcamba'.j of talamazoo, is engaged in the laudable enterpn:.c of collecting boulis for the State Vrison Library. vTo clasü of men better appreciate reading than he seoluded convicts. This lady commenced iet work at Ralamazoo, and secured 35ü volumes u that place alone. Since thmi she has canvassed in Lansing and other cities. Last Friday she made short addrenes, both in the Senate a:id House, which Tvere veil received. She a!so visited sevcral of the Lansing citizens and received donations. In hef belmlf, the clergymen of this and other cities are requested to bringthe subject to the special attention of their congreïations. - Jackson Citizen. Mrs, D'Abcamdai, visited ouï city on Wedneslay for tho put'pose of interesting our citizens in ïer laudable work. Not withstanding the sevcre torm prevailing she did sometbihg in the line of ïer mission, calling upon President Asoell and others and raeoting a vraf m wolcome, from which ve hope somethilig more will come than mere words. Mtfl-. D'Aecambal has her heart in the vork, and hei' genial marnier, enthusiostic, inde)endent, go-ahead spirit inspires those with vhom she comes iu contact to lend their aid vith a will. Since making her iimt present - on he last New Year's day, 3S3 volumes collectsd n Kalamazoo alone - she lias by her sole pffoïb eceived in Niles, Lansing and other cities suoh ïenerous iind practical asistance that the D'An-1 c Aiir.AL Libr-j "that is our christening - no w numbers about 1,800 volumes. She accepts uo money aurt paj-s her own expenses (a singular sort o "beggar "), but hef appeal is for books !books ! ooks ! - fiction, biography, travel Instory, anyhing which will imuse, interest, ad instruct even hundred prisoners, diverting thêii' nlirtds rom crime and giving them a foretaste of a beter life. Shë says the Bible Society will f urnisli 3ibles, tho Tract Society tracts, and that sohd ;iieology is not what is wanted. She is also frank enough to say that old, dilapidated, torn m'l worthleas rubbish of "pub. does." are scarcey the thing, but that reciclable books are vratited, which will include books bound or in paper covers, curreut magazineè, etc. If our citizens can aid her from thoir own libraries they wil receive her hearty thauks and the tnanks of her 700 proteges. Booka may bo left at the store oi Gilmohe fe Fiske, tliose gentlemen having kiiidly offered to receiVe, pack, and forward any donations. We ïope that Ann Arbor will not fall behind the other towns Mrs. D'A. has visited aud be recordid deíicient in her books. - Perhapa vte should soy to oUr oitizena - but few of whom met the lady - that har " cvedeutials " vrere such as to cntitle her to the confidence of all who do uot seek an excuse for withaolding their aid. Worda fail ua in au attcntpt to expresa oUr contempt for a leadmg advertising agency in a western city, from which we get an offer ol $1.50 net for two four line advertisements one year, or SI net for one of said advertisements - cash in advance : the Akoüs to be sent regulurly to the addre33 oí the agency. Not to throw any unjust suspicion upou any other agfeney we beg ieave to sav that hereafter - evo.n at the risk of osing a good order - no letters from Sueffield % Stone, of St. Louis, Mo., wül be opened, if, )y miátake, taken from the postoflice. We aa't atford to have oar feelings harrowed ,husly. The offiocrs of the Studente' Lecture Associa-ïon for the ensuiug year, elected on Tuesday evening last, are : President - ï. H. Johnson, '74. Vice-PresidentJ. C. Campbell, '75. Séeretarg-BU B. Smith, '7G. Cor. Secretar;- Délos Fall, '75. Trcasurer- II. W. Townsend, '74. jissist. TraisKrer- Lucius Baker, '7ö. Committeemen - Senior, II. R. PattongUl ; 3inior, F. A. Piatt; So{)honiore, J. C. Van Vleet. The pew Paper Mili of Coenwell BkotheBs at Yjfeilanti was paftially destroyed by fire on Suturday last. The fire originated in the ragpicking rooni, p'röbably from a match In the pocket of some old vest being worked up, and burned out the rag and straw room. The daraage is put at fróm $lAt000 tb $20,000, with an lnsiirince of $20,000. The mili was totally destroyed in Jauuary, 1872. Men are alruady a' work repairing damages which will tako two or three weeks. f-f- - ' , . - . The follo-wing booüs wero feceivêd at the Ladies' Library during the inonth of April Queons, Crust and Cake, Bits oí" Talk, Occupa tions of a Religious Lit'e, AYanderings-in Spain Wunderings in Rome, Lady Lee's Widowhood My Lady Ludlow, Striking for the Right Woodl and By-ways of IS'evv Kngland, and Lov er's Uiary. Thri Üichigan Faruur has FhcBíiized, and i looking hrightor and fresher than ever. Th farmers, stock-gTowers, and hortirulturisfa of th State should reneiv their efforts in nehalf of th , Fermer.


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