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DllioI.HAJLS.LiKi JlíJÍíÜIj MIAIJi FO1Ï SALEI tj The súbscriber, on account cf iil health offeís his 33 ACRES In the corpora tion for sale. Tliis pround nfljoicB the Unrreroit) Ob-crvntovy on tlio e rat, oppoiite side of tliü strcet". It has u most exco) SPEING ! On the northervsí, öornfi - formerly aupplied tho Railrond tüiiks vrith water. q STS APVAfWTAGEl Forcity purpo.-es the Hurón ïïivM mcnmlersthe K:nuc some 'áO to 4U rods, und is pait of the best "Wrater Power On the River in this vieínity, imd tho elevation on the northeiist comer ia uíticiently hih und ampie to sup ■ ply the city necosáities for water mi are puiposes' ÏÊË WESTERN FORTION On tlie roa:l is very aptropriate and Builftble for n Public City Cemetery. Tne city has no such gi'OUnds mnv biit must liave soon, ;ind wlmtc-ver riuunds tíic 1 - oot eare to use, can be sold ai an !idvanii!;e; so mticli 8o,that the coát of tho. Viter A' orín ((Tounáf and i crnctcry, wotild be merely nomiñaL If the city does not wa&t Üie Btunej the grounda ivuuld be invuluable for FSUíTS, LARGE & SMALL, TlierebeingBome 100 tree now in bearing I Vegetables and Pasturage, And also for MiLKsupply,BLQODEDSTOGKj Horses5 iUeep, And other animáis always'n trrcat want by mauf in Ihe oity nnd Us vi.'inity. As city lots idjoining the lorthwfiht corner of thw lmd nro now selling frora thrte lïündrcd to three huidred and íifty dolbirs, Ijco lanfií Wóuld oí could be BOld ín a shorl time to a jooa advuntago and to rauch proüt to the purchasois LIBERAL TIME "Will be piven 6r the snmd will be csoíiangca for Morchmtiibie goods or Drugs and Meditan, at c6t TRA.OY W. BOOT. , Ana Arbor.Jati. 31,1873. HU MOTHílRS! MOTHERSÜ MOTHEES ! ! DonH to prorurc MÏ5S. WI1VS. Lttw't ooiHiwa sutip fok U611IIkIi.M TEEXH1NO. Thls vslaable preptration lias been ued witli HKVBK-FAILING SUOCES8 IN TUOUfiANUtí Itnotonl'y reHrel (iiild from pain,l)iit invigorates th 8tomch and b wl. correcta soWki, and glve tone and eaergj to the vrhulouyítem. Ilwul also iDBtautly reilere ritii!g In tliP Uo'.ïcls and Wind folie. Wcl.i lieve HlheüESr and REMBDY. IN ÏHE WOKLD, in í.ll casos of UYSBNTERY ANií. WA.BKUCEA IK CHILDUES, whethir ansius trom teetbras or anv atner cne, Depeud npoii it motneií , It will givo rest to yonrselvee,and Itelicl' ai!I llfíiltli to tour Infants. Bo siiro and olí ír "Mrs. Wlntttfw's Soothincr Syrnp." navhiü tlie fac-simlTe of'CüKTJS PFKKIN ou tiie otuside wranper. Sold by Oraglíí tín-oüanotit llic tforl I. T IVE GEESE FEATHlíllS PÏB8T GiXJVX.IlX'"5T , toast lyonhand and forsalcby BACHSf ABEL, 1


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