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THE BABOOOK ■ i ÏÏOOK & LADDER TRUCKS Kq"ipppil with Babcocli Fire Kxtir.f:uis]iers, Extensión ainl Souüng Ladders, Grappling Hooks and , áteme, Pite Peles, M;e Axes, &c, fc, v.-r ' ■; s-;t,=i!y handled, hnndsomelv flliithod, and afford üf greatest proiectionntk ' uck in maiket. t every i'ire Drpnitment wants. The Habcock Ure Eugine aiid Fire Extinpuithers we savinjf valiiablc pjopsrty il over tho cour.try. Seud for (liti: record. E. T. BAItTirI, en . Asrent, ll-i s'oo(hvail Ave . Detroit. ctUror of Iro-.i. Coppei tod Bra.-Ti ,Wire, r{ Ülth, B-irv Mili Stpncs, Brooín Wiro and , pper Weathet Vanei, Wiie -r Ralling, Wiiv! l'encing iind Orunmèntil Wire Work. :410ytl V STEAHIÏS'"" COCO-OLEINE, A perfect huir dressing- not a dye . nor ft reBtoratire, but a dressing, elogant C3 and cco" nomical. r STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE ij cooüng to the scalp, imparts a delightful senee of TiííOity ■ and softuess to aaw the hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, eweetly perfumed and Hmpid, renders the hair snpplo and ;- "% dresses it in any I I dosirel torm. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, entiroly vegetable oil, prevent that dryiu ss of scalp w h i c h ( ■" CUU3US dandrun' [- _r-" to accumulute. " ' rBIJlH f. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE contains fh onc laríro bottle moro oil and raure perfume - . thau any othcr - ; hair ag tï,minm mark et, and I I bcsidea Ui eold tv enty-flvo per cent. less than most otiiers: STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE brightons blonde hair,darl(eusaub f, t "rn hair, rcndei-a lustrous brov,n and black ■■' haii, lobou3 tho Iiarshnc3:s of coarto hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE IS MADE OSLY Cï . HuESEEIOK STEAEIiS, - CHEMIST, DETROIT, MICn. f Eold cvorywheri'. Ee Burc and pot liio Cïeniiine Coco-Oleiiie. Lot no one palm off on yon a bottl of sorne dicap and worthkss imitr.tiou of CocoOli ine. ïhero aro more than twenty counterieit oí i t now nold, put up as near I1U0 the geuuine aa th makers daré and evade tho lav.'. TMPEQVED SAXON CEYSTALS, SPEOTACLES -ANÍ B7E PJEUESBRWERSl !■ ■ i by tlie most eminent Oeiili ■ ' !""." ■ ■. quality, 00 ow ■ pre .-rvo - tho a,rcd id [.■. loms & sons, r i n, l'iiüIU UI LENS,1 JACOB HAIil-lilï, Agent, l!l"jr.'' Ño. '.-' iií.st Hurón at., Aon ArNir,


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