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The pun is staking in the West And I, rejoicin ; thai its glare la'almost pest, sit idly down To build my castles in the nir. Ibujld with éurret, -■■■ b and dome, I buiid With many nu airy spire; I tiuikl the massivetowers '.p, 'Til even I dare build no higher. I hag ita walls with lovoly soeues FroTii nH-ni'r" " .-:!:■ house, -rich and rare i people it with munly forms,-- With faces tliat are" sweot and fair ;- I Hvo again thosu olden days Whenhearts wero deeply. ptrr.i., r stirrod - Tïicu eyes lit up and blushea sv I Across the oheek at som foi ' ."d. I baar the wedding bells chithe fnrth ; I seo the festal supper spread ; Lsee the oninra b!osbums lio Upon the lovely, tress-crowned head: I see the dauoers swiftly ivhirl Across my castle's marble fioor; The very musió, soft and low, I almost think I hear once more. And, frOnfth'e Naiads' smiling lips, I'hear th6 wnter drippmg fall ; fsee the ivy and the iúsc Climb frecly o'er my castle-wall. Decper the twilight shadowa srow, And darker with their purple gloom, The moon creep's o'er the ragged cloud, Ánd shows my castle but a tomb ! Oniyatomb!' I bend atore Each shrouded hopo, e.ich pulseless breast ; I still my aching heart, and wait 'Till I, like them, shall be at rest. "fit ' 'Ui (UU all a tl MM


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