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To Make A Good Farmer

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- Convincn a man that. a small farm well cultivated is better than a larga on negloted. Tfaat two Tomfs of' tnannro will do twico the good that ono will. That three good cows are better than six poor ones, and no of all other stock. ïhat ít ís better to have grain and other product? tosell than to be obliged to buy for his fainiiy. That he can by study and industry well Rpplied mate two blades of grass grow where but one grew before. Tbebeos liavedied offat a fearful rate rTI over Miehigan tho past winter. "Wholo apiaries of fifteen, twpnty and twenty-fivo swnrms havo perislied, and under all oonditions : sorae have been lost in cellars, others in their bee-houses, and still more on their nimmer stands, The intense cold, no doubt, has done this, for in every oase the owner rpports plenty of' heney, bot both bees and honey frozen itiff.


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