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Magnolia Balm . A FEW APPLICATIONS MAKE X I Pure Blooming Complexión. It is Pnrely Vegetable, and its operation Í9 seen and feit ut once. Itdoesaway wita the Flushed Appear anco caused by Heat, Fatigue, and Excitement, Heals and removes all Blotchea and Pimples, diapeiling dark and unsightly epots. Drives away Tan, Freckles, and Sunburn, and by its gentle but puworiul iuüuenca mantles tlio faded ciieek with , YOUTHFÜL BLOOH AND BEAUTY. 1 . riold by all Drnggist and Fancy Storo. DepoV SPark Place. New York. T Cm O. Wh"n first L, COLBY hung hú bign (t C. O. D.- At Éïo. '■', And offered Groeent s chenp for casb. Kome people snid, ll he's bound to p' to smash." Ainl old-time Uroceirs would taintl) milt, Prophesyiug ' C. O. L). will last bu little while. ín sixty daya we'll run him olí" the t. cK, And cali ouv w.uiiuiin customew In k." The cronkera said ana tlioutht it Irne, 'He'U surely tail before the veajr is Nrewl Y ou can't s -11 Örooeiiea in tl. is tnwn And gel yout pay m RTdrabticicp down; her.' dry üoods merohants on eveiy street With si I lis au. 1 satins, hitiifr out chickens to eat; Where tnide is mixed in every plnce, Al the siimc connler you buy buttcr or Incc ; VVhere ci'edit and losa go hand n hnnd, IMr. G. O. 1). but a slim cUuiice will stimd." T-ft prop liet a and croakTB liave thcir say, _L. CTOLBYa 'lisGRO Eftl LSmiIy furKKADYPAT 'And seils so olwap ior dnily o teh le feaia .o dangui of a smash. Au 1 to hifi pationf uil, and biuineps friends, Xhp irreoling' of the acusón he etiteíids, To oung ;iik1 od, ;i g'lnd New Vc;ir, Witll lioslt. oí friunds and lotO oi' cheer ! Give htm i cali, nnrt f rom bis store Youï tnbtea áprénd wïtli ood thirii?8 more. At that place you will always ftnd Fri.'sh ncw Grocjriea oí best qunlity ;uulkind- Rverythiafj needfitl good chèer at home You eaD buy ut. his counícr whenever you come. Th days are ao short thia bitter colri winter, Tomention details would wearj' tho printer. Ui I . ik ir' you c'ioost: lui1 any iliintr e.ttable,. Kou jiït it ut once, Ín quality unbe;itab!e ! For liunry men ivho nre weary and eoltl, He has Uystera hot, Oystwa tliat :aust besold- Oyites pjckled, Üyster stw, ana oyfftei Iry, Ot Oysters any other way you choose to iry. He will serve up Oystera al any hour ot' üay, And the tes of ei&Ts tr smoke on your way. A ili-h i f liöt ( hsUTi will do you mufh good. And checz you whUe selling your yiain or wcod. And with enah in hand lay in n phnro Of Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Fiour and m:inv more, Of üll thinffs BHJbsttMittl'fbr dnily une, Xor treut lift:'s pood thinirs with abuse; Crockery and Glussware and Fruita to put in them, N'u:s, lini.sins. and (,'andy. for cïiildrcn wild win tluia A nd j e wbon re blessod with their beautiful fuces, Will find [201 the best of all places, Ta buy a trtfle, to brïng a sinile or ring-inp laugh. Your plcastiro. than llu-irs. will be Rieatei by half- Thon do not forget to cali on Mr C. O. T.. Aad buy of him your FrUitty ëugar, and Tea ThcnuA the big (jif mav fall flwn its place, Tho C. O. f). -J storoiastillnu tho race. And does not intend to Üy frorn the COUXS6 Till oroakerR of ovil talk themsclve hearse. f troeeries cas be sold for ready pay. And r_j . Colby bas leained the way : Sold five times more than he pxjjecled- Iïy O. O. D. ham Iom protected. And the secrel beionoi af Kiïd to teH- Keepihebesi ot uil tMogs- with prices Iow- be goo nitured. ive ioa' mensure, And you are bound to scll ! 300KS. BOOKS. J. R. WEBSTER & CO. NEW H00K STORE SEAB Til E " EXPRESS OFFICE." LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST AND CALL. BOOKS. IIE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN IHE CITY OF ANN AliBaii ! H. COHEN DEALEIÏ IN ]SLillinery) &c. We Sell for Cash Only. 1413tf 33 SÍUITII HIA1!V STREET, j CE ! ICE ! ICE ! 1 am B0W picpaiL'd to furnish ICE OF THE BEST (JUALITY, And n any qu intity dasind during the scason. M. ANDBES. Lïave Orders at Postoffice. Hi7m2


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