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To Wash Lace

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Just at present fashion decrees that ladies shall wear a profusión of lace ; and as this delicate material is easily eoiled we reoommend the following method of restoring it to its pristine purity and smootliness : Fold the lace, two or threa times, and taok it on pieoe of cleaa white flannel. Wash it carefully in warm water and with Bpap, nofc rubbing but dipping it up and down ia tho water and patting it between your hands. Changa the water once. Then dip it into very hot water, roll it up - _ Üanntjl oulside - and squeeze it as dry as possible. Then remove the tacking thiead and dip the lace in cold water, into which a little starch bas been . dissolved. Take it out and roll it up in a cambric handkerchief, squeeze it dry, and again fold up in a dry handkerchief. Let . it ïbmain for an hour, then fold a linen sheet four times,, spread upon it a fine piece of linen or an old fine cambrio handkerchief. Lay your lace upon it, carefully smooth out with your hand all folda or creases, and gently pull each pattsrn into proper shape ; then spread O'ier it another fine handkorchief, folded doublé, and iron with a hot iron. Reniova tho upper cloth from the lace, but do not touoh the lace until it is perfeotly dry . It dries in its impression on the caubric, and perfoctly retaina the beauty of iti pattern. When quite dry fold it ia tissuo paper, and it will look like now lace.


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