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The Louisiana Proclamation

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The difficulty in Lonisiana lies principally in this f.ict : a majority of the citizcms of that State do not recognize tl Kf.i.looo governtnent, foreed upon tlu people by Judge L'UKELL and bis assoèiaèe United States officers- Casey and Packahd - as legitimnte, and refuse to pay taxos for its iunini.cnr.ncs and suppurt. The attempt to coinpel obodience to the lavvs created by a usurping Lgislature and adminií-tered by a usurping Govenior and other offieers h;is naturally resultad iu resistauce, resistance vvhich the local aulhorities have been provecí unable to surmcunt. Therefore the pretended Governor, Kei.logg, has called upon the President for aid to enforco the laws, and tho President has issued his proolamation, preliminary to using the military f orce at his comniand, comiüanding the insurgents to disperse. In this proclamation, soe another column, he refers to the docisions of the superior courts of the State, creatures and tools of the Kellogg government withthe aid o acting Governor Pinciibeck; to hia renognition of tho Kellogo government; and to the tacit recognition by Congress ot the saine, and oommands all persons to subicit to the laws and constituted authorities of said State - laws made by an unauthorized body, and authorities deriving no commisfion from the people and ropresenting but a fractiou of the peoplo of the State. Had President GnAfíT years ago removed brother-in-lav CaseY, Marshal Packard, and other carpet-bag impositions upou the State, who control the mass of ignorant ncgroes and uso them to advance their own personal ends, all would havo been peace iu Loüisiana. - Just there is the secret of all the trouble. The pretended Stato govefnment has no hold upon the people of the State, represents but a smn.ll minority, and that minority unfit either to make or execute laws. The Kellogo govornment of Louisiana is no more entitled to respect and obedience than would havo been Gov. Blair and his associates had they seizod upon the State House at Lansing aft er the election last November, and procured recognition by a suppliant, pliant, dishonest and subordinated judiciary, to be regarded as the legitímate government of Michigan. The judioiary committee of tho United States Senate, ag Senator Carpenter declared in his recent New Orleans speech, regarded Kellogg and his Legislature as usurpers, and they are so regarded the world over by all save their partisan co-laborers, who will countenance any measures they deern necessary to perpetúate radical or carpot-bag rule in Loüisiana and the South. This whole Loüisiana affair is disgracoful to the country, and the proclamation of the President is not a step toward wiping out the foul stain. At Cornell University, on the 16th inst., President White addressed the members of the faculty and student, in response to an invitation, answeriug and refuting the charges made by Senator McGuiEE, of the New York Legislature, against the University and its föunder and benefactor, Mr. Cornell. These charges, in brief were : that the University in its course of study was not mak ing agricultura and mechanica the promient and chief studies, and was thereforo violating the intentions of Oongress aud misappropriating the land-grant fund ; and 6eoond, or perhaps first in his order, that Mr.CoRXELLhadprovedfalseto the trust reposed in him, and had organizod a ring to acúlate in the lands of the University or State. The speech of President White is a completo and full defense of Mr. Corxell and the institution. Mr. McGuiKE erred in supposing that the State or University owned any lands. New York had only college ecrip, which at the time Cornell was founded wns literally worthless in the market - that is had it been forced upon tho market in large quantities. The State could not lócate or hold an acre of the lands cnlled for by the scrip, and to be realizod upon it must be sold. It was sold to Mr. Cohnell at a fixed price - and President WuiTE eonclusively shows, what western men well know, the highest prica at that time - he guarranteeing what no other man would have guarranteed, the advance to the University fund. Our recolleotion of the transactiou corresponda with the statemont of President White. The sale of the 100,000 acres at $4 per acre claimed to be worth from $30 to $60 per acre, which was the serious charge made against Mr. Corxell, President White dispoáed of by showing that Mr. Corxull followed the advice andrequest of Gov. Hoffmaït and every Trustee of the University, and that it was the best possible price to be obtained, and western men holding lands distant from market and channels of communication will laugh at the estimnte Mr. McGuike puts upon their value, and bolieve w'th President White that a good salo was made. But we can not givs niuch spaco to the subject. It is enough to say that an intelligent community will not believe that a man who is pouring out his moncy as freely as Mr. Coruell, is swindling the University to which he is giving it, and all who know President White will place implicit confidence in the exposition he has made and join him in challenging the closest and fullest investigation, when he says " for the truth of the assertions I have made I pledge my reputation and honor." TniERS has atlast exeoutod his oft-repeated threat and ro6igned the presidency of the French lleimblic. Gen. McMahon was immediatoly elected his suecessor and promptly accepted. The new ministry is as i'ollows : Minister of Foreign Affairs-DnkQ de Broglie. Jutiice - Erroul. Inier'wr - Beule. Finance - Pierre'Magne. War - Gen. De Cissey. Marine - Admiral Do Horner. Public Imtrudim and Worship - Balbie. Public Worl-s- De Seilligny. Agriculture and Commerce - Bouellerie. It is understood that President noN has strong leanings to a monarchical governinent, and his coming to tho front is not regarded as full of promise af long life to the Eepublio. France has a peculiar peopla and their ways are past findiug out.


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