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AFRER dcfining tli o boimdaries oí ui" lands on wbiüb it is proposed to build the ncw office of (lic IST. j i f, that journal says : " Tuis liberal spae is to be coveveii wifch a building nine stories high, eurmounted by a loftly towcr, wbiob iu beauty and elega-neo ss well as in bulk will bc the most coiisiJemble business editioe in the Sottthern part of the island." If tbat lofty tower is tÖ possess such beauty, sleganee and bulk, what must the strúettire Be-ío-lceep awd muintaiu a fitting proportion 'i or is 1 1: o building tobo all towcr? it s'to bei also, "absolntely fire-proof in every part, and built to lat Fofever" - wliicü is onc item of good newa to the insuratiee companies, if not to old Father Time, who inay not reüsh having his destruotive propensHies sb thwarted - The Yellowstono (ixploring éxpredïtion is tobo a sort of closo cornmunioa concern. No civilians or correspondents are perinittod to accompany it, Hnd bo soientific corps has befn reduoed to live ïucrabcrs. Lieut. Col. Fred Grant has b&en detftilcd to accoinpany Gen. Stanley. Tvvoquestions are sug'gested : Isn't young Grant being proinoted with unusual rapidity ? andaré there any more special privileges for the royal scion to gobble up. - Gov. Dix, of New York, bas votoed the so-callod "local option" bilí, which gave each town or city the privilege to liconso or prohibitthe sale of all kinds of intoxicatiug drinks, boer, eider, and wine included, as thu votors may determine by ballot. The chief objection of the Governor was that no option was left, and that the sale of beer, eider, and wine could not be made legal without legalizing the whole trafile. This ho thoiight would not promote ternperance. - The homeopathie members of the Massachusetts Medical Society are likely to come to .grief: the trial committee having found them " guilty of conduct unbecoming and unworthy an honorable physician," and recommended expulsión. "Cut bait. or fish " is the motto of the llassachusotts " regulare." - At last Train, the blatherskite, has been consigned to au insano asyluin : to the great detriment, no doubt, of the other inrnates. Howevcr, a new commission is to examino into his mental condition and the respectablo insane uiay soon be relieved of his presen ce. - Barnum is reported as having offered Capt. Jack $25,000 a year to attaoh iimself to his show ; but Capt. Jack is not to be taken with any sueh bait. He pro fora freedoin, root diet, and settlers' scalps to restraint and Barnuiu's luxuiïous table. - Qiiuen Victoria was 51 yoars old on Süturday last and the day wa3 one of fes;ivities throughout all the British do' minions, a phraso which covers a deal of ;erritory. - Cotton has commencpd arriving at Jonesville from Memphis, Tenn., and the cotton factory - the first in this State- will bo put in operation about the first of June. - Prof. Peters has discoTered still other planet, a lively little iellow of the eleventh magnitude. Prof. F. is beatiag Prof Watson " clean out o' sight." - There was a" rautiny in the penitentiary at Jeiïerson City, Mo., on Friday last. One rnutineer wa3 shot and several floggcd. - Sleeping cars are now run from Detroit to Louisville without change, via the Detroit, Eol Eiver and Illinois railroads. - Pere Hyacinthe is a fathor : reward number two for forsakiug the priesthood and abjuring cehbacy. - Grand Itapids has an artesian well 300 foet deep, that spouts water ï'2 feot above the surface. A COTEMPORARY - the Detroit Tribune - says that the government hascontracted for 100,000,000 postal cards, at $1.30 a thousand or an aggregato of j!l3l,0ü0 ; that the sale price of these cards - which of courso includes postage for trausmission and delivery- will be $1,000,000, showing a profit on tho transaetion, il' nothing was to bo paid for carrying the mails aud service of postal officers of $864,000. If the government gets well paid for this service it charges too much for ordinaay letter postage - the pondent iurnishing hi3 own paper and envelop. It is no move work to mail, transport and deliver a sealed letter than one of these postal cards, and certaiuly uo more work to handle and deliver a drop letter or circular - the postage on which is retained at the old price. Vicwed in tuis light it is the interest of all business men to use postal cards tbr all correspondence not desired to be kept secret: and they may be found first rate tioklors for delinquent creditors who may desire not to have their dealings exposeil to the public. A Yheka dispaích oí' the 23d inst. announcesthe surrendor of a portion oí' tlio noblo band of Modoo warriors - 5ö uien, women and childrcn, including 15 " bucks." Among the latter class are Bogus Charley, Shaek Nasty Jim, Curleyheaded Doctor, and Frank. A treaty of peaoe and amity is now in ordnr. Jack ia stül on the war-path and saya he never, no nevor will surrender. - Gen. Davis is evidently a belie reiin the maxim " set a roguo to catoh a roguo " and so ho has armed Bogus Charley, Shack Nasty Jim, Hooker Jim, Steamboat Bill and Frank, with Springfield Rifles, given them horses and four days rations, and startod them in pursuit of Capt. Jack - they contracting to take hhn dead or alive. Davis believes in their " loyalty." We shall see. The Board of Pólice Commissionors appointed by Mayor Haveüeypii signalled their entranco upon duty by rcmoving Supt. James J. Kelso and appointing Geoeoe W. Matsell. Tholattor was the first ohief of Üio departmont and is ovor 70 yoars old. He owes his resurrection or rehabilitation to tho personal friendsliip of tho octogeuarian Mayor. It would seum that suoh a city as New York, a oity needing an efficiënt and wide-awake polico foroe, ought to have that pólice forcé placed uuder the connnand of a live man. Attorney-General Williams has givon no . opinión whatever to Congressman Wilson, of Orogon, or toany other person, favorable to transferring the Modoes who have surrendured or who may bo captured to tho authorities of that State to be tried for murder. The treatnient of tbeae savagífs is with tho military authoritios, and no question has yet beou restutfcd concerning thym. Ti' ocíi aiemory is r.ot un exceedingly treaeherona aíf.tir Mrs. IIaküiet BeechJ'Al Si'üWB, imtlior oí' "Únele Tom's Cabiu" and i star in the Beechoi family, han beon couiited upan as the spocial tVicnfl and oompanioii of tho priKSTet now comes tliis same Mrs. Stov, i:, and in a lotter from Florida, liaving seen the worlung of negro suffrage, negro IiolJin ■ :o rule, and vvri tus: "With " snifui .le nstruction, alligators niay yet ' be seeíi in the Legislatura. They cer"íainly vou;d not be more grasping anc 1 vorariiius (han mariy in the sítuatíoa ' .lid fllUí' :■' a ü: E11 lilK SS UUOlit tliüil "imi,ii.i:r ut duing anytliii) tliat is Tro Thorg, th-.t is iiot jtjtuj lftn: : tern rubel or a iipr,tbern sympiitliizcr, nut comes from the tighest priet-j5.s of ího radical eburch. And yet thu vh N;e power of tho geiieral goTcrn ment, civi! and military, will ha used to proteot ti. e reign of oarpet-baggera and negrees nll tlirough the South : that the lite aud power of the radical party uiay be pvolonged. The hnited vote of the two Houaro of Congres on ttiu M-lary i;icrn,is;', infiluding the backpay, shows w tho l'ül tliiity-ihi' Republicana and sisty-thrae Demócrata; a:.ii]i. (e bill eighty-thróé Keputíicaha and thirty-orie Democrats. Uur readers c;m jodgs trom this wfaere the party pi refpnn iijjon which anv wellgrouuded Hopo of ts reálization exista aiicl v.-;,i:n; liiü ïisptoaittltty of thij act ehould be placed. - Jacks&ii Citizen. "Vt'hich may all be truo ; but will the mathcmatical editor of the Citizen, be so good as to inform us how tho bill oould havo been passed with a " united vote" of only 9S in its t'avor and 114 agaiust ? IJe muy bo able to so appoition the vote betweeu the " two bouses" as to figure a inajority in eaoh house out of a " united " minority, but we confess that our Dubol is not up to the scratch. And if our coteiuporay eau do it there is certainly "something rotten in Denmark." Aconstitution under whioh 98 of 317 members can pass important bilis or in faefc any bill nceJs amending and tliat immediately. And as to a minority boing held responsible for any itgislation, that modern heresy will hardly excúlpate the liepublioan party. Oakes Ames haviug gotten out of the way of a subpoona to the witness stand, oi' in plain Euglish bcing dcad, the South Beud Tribune vuluntcers a statement that after the adjournment of Copgress he "eoufessed to an intímate friend " that Colfax was entirely innocent of recciving any money on the " S. C. check" and had nothing to do wittl it. Until that " intímate friend " gives hia name the public will regard tho Tribune story as entiroiy too thin.


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