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New York Wool Market

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Hiero hits boen a Iittle better' inquirv for i ais traek, the demaud coming mainl y írom manufacturera whose suppliëa icaVf become ex-' hausted. range of prices at present is so' low that there ís every iiïdacenïent to purchase, but buycrs show no inclmation tö opérate beyond tlieir actual wants, The inrjmry runs mainly 011 fine wooís, and thï supjily oí' fieece"i boLh liore and ín Philadelphia ía pi-etty vrell closed out. The priesa obtained upoti these grades dnring the líit few (íiivs show vnïues to be fully main-tained, and holders of choics lots pre eíen a littíe strffer tílan they were a íew weekï sinee. Poreign wools are coming forv.-ar'i frecly, and tlicso gradea can be substitufed to a freat extont for domestic woolons, so tlic scarcity of the latter will not be likely to result ín any ma:erial iznprovement in prices, in Tiew of the near npproach of the new clip. Cape wools are stronger, and a few choice offerings have been sold at prices above the cpjoted raní;e, which is aased upon n.vcrago lots of wool. The stock of Australian here is alniost wholly neglccted owmgto its heavy condition. Late arrivals ofM'intevideo hnvo boen of abont the sume character -is tlie reoeipts, and bsar out the opinión to which they gave riso, that the clip ís ín an in'erior conditiou. The sales reported sínce our ast are 25,000 Ibs. XX Ohio fleeces, at 52c, 15,000 lbs. X do at 49c, 20,000 Ibs. California spring at 32c, 22,000 do full at 21c, 30,000 lbs. spring California at 20a30c, 10,000 lbs. X Ohio at 50c, 5,000 lbs. California scourod at GOc. 20,)00 lbs. íleeee at 50c for X and 52 l-2c for XX Ohio, 20 bales burry California spring at 20c, 1,000 lbs. sHghtly burry Tems at 2c, 3,000 lbs. Georgia slightly burry at 3Oa31c, 9 sacks Texas xt 29c, 82 ba-'s Mestiza pnHed, 24,000 lbs. Cah'ornia, 5,000 Ib3. Texas, 0,000 lte tub, 5,000 lbs a, 2,000 lbs fleece. 150 bales Cape, 4,000 bs fine fleeces, 1,000 spring California all on


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