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Oiling Harness

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Harnees should never bo uscd over six montbs without oiling. Puro néatsfoot olí is the best ; goose oil is good ; liver or anner's oil ia useful to soften, whilo tallow tends to till up the pores and keep out water. Tho addition of beeswax to tallow would havo a tendency to harden the leather and keep out water, and & t'urther addition of a little lampblack would improve its appearance. NeatsFoot oil, as sold, is usually adulterated. A botter article can be made by chopping up the fect of cattlo and boiling them freely; cover all with water, and when cold skiin off the oil and eleansa it. A pint to a set of feet is costly, but it is valuable. Take the harness apart, or ïinyuckle it as much as convenient, and put itintothe soapsuds of the last washing, giving it a good sottking, then tako it out upon a bench of the proper height for convenience, and remove all the dirt and jumriiy substanuo with the assistance of a stiff brush and the soap suds. By this time the water has dried from the surface; and then apply the oil and a little lampjlack inbced, with a comraon paint brush, ind dry in the shade ; if frozen all the Jetter. When dry wipe off with a cloth and put together. A harnees treated in ;his marnier will last twice as long as it will without proper oiling and care. The uore leather is neglected the darker it will become, inwardly, and the darker the ess life remains, and the less good will oil do when appliod to recupérate it.


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