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What Is A Thoroughbred Animal

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A subscriber to tho Rural Neio Yorker asks this question, andis thus auswered : A thoroughbred animal, according to the comraon acceptiition of the term, is one hat is the resul t of careful breeding, in the first place, to establish a distinctive and permanent type, und inter-breeding o retain it. Thus Short-Horn cows must be bred to Short-Horn bulla, and the pedigree of each must be run back continuously in Bome of the families of Horns ; so of Ayrshires, Jerseys, Devons, Herefords, &c. But if a Jersey cow, ia brodto an Ayrshire buil, although joth buil and cc w tuay bo thorou;. h r ■(', ;ho offspring of such union will not be horoughbrod, but cross-bred. TL e reeding must be continuously in line, in order that tho type may bo preserved. .n the caso of horscs, thn horemen cali no horse a thoionghbred whose pedigreo caunot be establish ;d indirect line to the inglish race-horse. 13ut really, any fixod type of horses pure-bred oontinuousy until the type ia so established that here is no faiíure to reproduce it by in er-breeding, ia as much thoroughbred as the English race-horse, though not so called. But to other flxed breeds of ïorses than those descending from the inglish race-horse, the term pure-breed 8 usually appliod ; also to sheep, swine and fowls.


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