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WOMAN. By an immenge p reet Ice, extendinff thronh a perlod of year, bavtu wLtbiu Chat timo treatcd many thoüíaml cae of thoKe disessea peculiar to womiin, Ihftve been crabled to perfecta most potent and agreeable medicine that meetatbe indicatloas prosented hy tNit dus of distases witU positivo certainty aiïd etactnees. To (UMgnate thia natural epccific compouud, t h;ive namod it Dr. Pierce's Favorito Prescription. Thetomi, however, is bnta feehle expreszon of my mot matured aupreelatlon nf lts vahtc, basi'd upon actual nnd. wituessed realHies. Aa a close observar, I huve white wltpepshig its positivo resulte iu the few ppccial disüfes Incident to tbs repárate orgaii sm of wiman, ninfrled it out as tfto climax or crowuiiit? 8 cm of iy iurtllfnl careen On it.i inoritsusapoitivt)t nflfc!, and cffectttal rem erf y for thia class ofcuseaee, iniil onfl that vyill it nlt tunes and nnder all circuinBtancee act kindly and in harmony with the lfiws which govers the female system, f am willing to stiike my reputation ns a phyficiun. Nay, even moro, yo conti d ent am I thnt it will not disappolnt the tno9t tiantpitna cxpectatioimofa single invalid lady who smpïoya it ror any of' tho aiuxienti for which I recommend it, that I ohYr tmd huil it nndw A POSITIVA OUAttAlVTJÜK. If a beneficia! effuet i8 not expert coced by tho time two-thirds of the contenta f the bot tl e are used, I will, on return of the bottle, tvro-thirda of tho medicine having been taken accordtag to directions, a:id Uk: caso be Ing One for which I recommend it, proniptly reftiod the inoney paid ibr it. Had I not the most p rfect conficíenca in lts virttics, I could not offer it au I d undcr these couditloua; hut having wltuesaed its truly iniraculoua cures in tbouaantls of canea, I ifeel warrautcd nnd perfectiy nafo in riskiugr bolk my r piualioti and niy moiiey oh is mor lui The followlng flro amnnrf thone dipcases Ín which my Favorito lrescriplioii has workcd cures - as if by maie and with acortainty never bufo re attaineil by any medicine: Lpucorrhepa, Excesslve Flowing, Pain ful Monthly Periode, BopDrestftouR when from uunatural causea, Irregularitlea, Weak Back, Prolapsus, or fatllag of the Uterus, Antevertúon nnd Re tro versión, Bear ing Down Senaattont, Internal Heat, Nervoua Dcprcssion, Debility, Despondenry, Threatened MiBcarriage, Cbroulc Congestión, Infiainmation and Ulceratlon of the Uterus, IrapotPncy, Bárrennos?, or Sterility, Female Weakness, and very many other chronic dlseaeea incident to womim uut ínoíition'd hcre, In wliich, au well m iri tho cases wliich I havo inentinnud, my Taverite Proscrlption workB cures - the marvel of tlio worltl Thit? medicine T do uot eztol as a cnre-ail, but It admirably fullille a siiiíí.lfiioss o( pu rpose, being a mt perfect speelde ia all cbroole áieeseee oftbe sexual Bystem of woman, It will not dltappoint, nor will it do hann in any state or condition. It will he foand invaluable in dlveaacs incident to prepimncy, and can be taken in moderato doses with pftrfüCl aafety wblle ïti thst state. Indeed, it ia a itlollior'fi Cordial, and po prepares the gystem for parturltion that 11 tendera child-labor easy. I have recelvert the heartfelt praise frora huiÏJreda of nurfWd for the 'uoetimuule beuefifca thiiR conforrcd. I ofTer my Favorite Prcecrrptlon to the Ladiea of America with thu sincerity of an honeet heart, and for their best welfare. Those who desire further information on these Bablects can obtain it in my Treatisk on Curoxic Diseasks of the Generative and Urinarv Obgans, eent secura from observation, apon receipt of two postago etamps. It treate minutely on those diseases peculiar to Females, aud gives much valuableadvice ín regard to their management. DU, VIKKCE'S fAVORITE PRE. SCItlPTTON IS SOÍD II Y ALL FIKST ELA8SDUUGG1STS, at $1.50 per bottle. Mauufacturcd at the Chemical Laboratory of _ JL. V. PIEIiCE, M. !., Jropr - . J[ . BUFFALO, N! T.. VjjEGJiHiTT Vinegar Bitters aré not a vile Fancy Drink, made of Poor Rum, Whiskey, Proof Spirits and Refuse Liquors, doclnred, spiced, and sweetened lo please the taste, called "Tonica," ' Appetuers," "Restorers," &c, that lead the tippleronto drunketiness and ruin, but nre a trito Medicine, made from the nativa roots and herbs of California, free from all AlcoholicStimulants. They ara the Graat lílood Purifier and a Life-giving Principie, a Perfect Renovator and Invïgorator of the System, dUTytng off all poisonous matter and restoring the blond to a lieatthy condition, enriching it, refreshing and in vigora tiirg botu inind and body. They are easy of administration, prompt in their action, certain in their resulta, safe and reliable in all forms of disease. lío Pcrson eau fake tltnse Itittevs according to direclions, and remain long unwell, jirovided their bones are not destioyed by mineral poison or other means, and the vital organs wastcd beyond the poiut of repair.' Dyspepsla or Indigestión. Headache, Pain in the Shoulders, Conghs, Tightnesa of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour Eructations of the Stomach, liad Taste in the Mouih, Bilious Attack3, Palpitation of the Heart, Inflaramation of the Lungs, Pain in the regions of the Kidneys, and a hundred other painfu! syniptom.i, are the oflsprings of Dyspepsia. In these cómplaints it has no equal, and one bottie wül prove a better guarantee of its nierita than a lengthy advertisement. For Feinnle Complnlnts, in young or oíd, married or single, at the dawn of womanliood, or the turn of life, these Tonic Bitters display so decided an influence that a marked iinprovement is socm perceptible. For liinnmiiinloi y nnd Chronlc ïi.niimat Ism and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestión, ïiilious, Renmtent and Inteimittent Fe vers, Diseases of the Ulood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters have been most successfnl. Such Diseases are cansed by Vitiated Blood, which is generally produced by derangenieiit of the Digestive Organs. They are a Oentle Purgativo na well as a Ton ie, possessing also the peculiar ment of acttng as a powerful agent in retieving Congestión or Inflammation of the Liver and Visceral Organa, and iu Iiilious Diseases. For Skin Dlseases, Ernptions, Tetter, SaltRheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ring-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Erysi pelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Hu mors and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature, are literally dug up and carried out of the system Ín a short time by the use of these Bitters. One bottle in such cases will couvince ihe most iucredulous of their curative effects. Cleanse the Vitlated Blood wlienever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it when it Ís foul ; yotir feelings will teil you when, Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will folio w. Oraicul tUousands proclaim Vinsgar Bitthrs the most wonderful Inviguraut that ever sustaiued the sinking system. Pin, Tape, and other Wornis, lurking in the system of so many thousands, are effectually destroyed and removed. Says a distinguished physiologist: Thereisscarcely an individual upon the face of the earth whose body is exempt from the presence of worms. It is not u pon the liealtby elements of the body that worms exist, but upon the diseased luunors and slimy deposits that breed these living monsters of disease. No systetn of Medicine, no vermifuges, no anthelminitics, wilt iree the system from worms like these Bitters. Slechnnleal Discnscs. Persons engaged in Paints and Minerale, such as Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-heaters, and Miners. as they advance in life, will be subject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard against this take a close of Walkkr's Vinhgar Bitters once or twice a week. as a Preventive. Bilious, Reiulltenti and IntermUfent Fcvcrs, which are so prevalent in the valleys of our great rivers tluonghout the United States, esnecinlly those of the Mississippi, Oliio, Missouri, Illinois, Teniiessee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande, Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savanuali, Roanoke, James, and many others, with their vast tributaries, througliout our en tire country during the Sunmier and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of unusual heat aud dryness, are invariably neeoinpanied by extensive derangements of the stomach and liver, and other abdominal viscera. There are alwaysmoreor less obstructions of the liver, a weakness and irritable state of the stomach, and great torpor of the bowels, benig clogged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treatment, a purga ti ve, exerting a powerful influence upon these various organs, is essentially necessary. There ís no cathartic for the purpose equal to Dr. J. Walkkr's Vinegar Bitters, as they will speedily remove the dark-coltred viscid matter with whicb the bowels are loaded, at the same time stiinulating the secretions of the liver, and generally restoring the heallhy functions of the digestive organs. Sciofuln, or Ivin's Evil, White Swelnngs, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck, Goitcr, Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial Affections, Oíd Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc., etc. In these, as in all other constitutional Diseases, Wai.ker's Vinhgar Bitters have shown their great curative powers iu the most obstinate and intraciable cases. Dr. Waïker's Cali fornl a Vinegar Bitters act on all these cases in a similar manner. líy purifying the Blood they remove the cause, and byresolvmg away the eff'tcts of the nflammation (the tubercular deposits) the affected parts receive health, aud a permanent cure is eflfccted. The propertlea of Dr. Wat.kb's Vinrgar Bitters are Aperient, Diaphoretic and Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-Irritant, Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-Bilious. The Aperient and mild Laxative properties of Dr. Walkek's Vinegar Bitters are the best safe - Board in all cases of eruptions and malignan! fevers, their balsamic, healing, and sootliing properties protect tha humors of the fauces. Their Sedative properties allay pain in the nervoua system, stomach, and bowels, either from intlamination, wind, colic, crarnps, etc Their Counter-Irritant influence extends throughout the system. Their Diuretic properties act on the Kidneys, correcting and regulating the flow of urine. Their Anti-Bilious properties stunulatc the liver, in the secretion of bile, and lts discharges through the biliary ducts, and are superior to all remedial aents, for the cure of Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, etc. Fortify the bodyagninst clUease by purifying all its fluids with Vinegar Bittbrs. No epicjemic can take hold of a system thus forearmed. The liver, the stomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and the nerves are rendered disease-prooi by this great iuvigorant. Dircctlon.- Take of the Bitters on going to bed at night from a half to ona and one-half wine-glatsfull. Eat good nourishing food, such as beef steak, mutton chop, venison, roast beef, and vegetables, and take out-door exercise. They are composed oí purely vegetable ingredients, and contain no spirit. J. WALKER, Prop'r. R,. H. McDOXALn&CO., Druggists and Gen. Agts., San Francisco, Cal., and cor. of Washington and Charlton Sts.f New York. SOLD BYALL DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS. X ! HURRY UP ! TiAUTIES wishing Wall Paper, Cloth - and Paper Sllades, Hollands, Wlndow ' Fixture, Ooida, TaBBels, &c, all New ' Stvlee. at Satinfactorj Prloee.byjr. K. Webster k Co., Bjok store, near the Express Office, X X ' ''T' ,"X" 1SÍL01EÍW8TEN REASONS WHY No Family should be without a hottle o I 'U1TTLESEY in the house. Ist. - Itwill relieve the worst case of BlIIOUV Cholicor Cholera Morbus in 15 minute 2d. - It will cure the most obstinate case 1 Eupepsia and Indigestión in a fe weeks. 3 d ■ - Tt is the best remedy in the worM fol Sick Headache as thousands can testify, 4 taken wlicn the iirst symptoms appear. 4th,- It is the best diuretic ever put beforf the public; curing those distressing complaintst Dj abetes and Cravel andother Urlnary d ifflcu Itlea. 5th.- It is a most excellent Emmena" gogue, and to the Young Clrls. iniddle aged Women, and at the Turn of Life, this remedy is of incalculable valué. flth. - It wilt remove wind from the bowels, and henee a few drops in somc sweetened water given to a babe is better than a dozen cordials td Rel evo and makt it Sleep. Containmg no ano dyne. 7th. - It is a sure relief for ndults and children affectcd with Wortns and Pin Worms It will bring away the worms. 8th.- It will cure the Plleaand Hemorrhod lal difficulties. 9 1 h . - It will cure Constlpntlon and keep the bowels regular. It will also cure the worst case ofSummerComplalntandDysentery. lOth.- It will cure Sour Etomach, Stlmulate the Livor to healthy action. Relieve Heart-Burnand act as a general Regulator of the system. When taken dilute the close with Sugarand Water to a Wlne-Classfull and you have apleasant ton ie. Whittlescy (Dysyepsia Cure) $1.00 per bottle. Whittlesey Agüe Cure 50c. per bottle. , , Whittlesey Cough Granules 25c. per bottle. ■ Sold by all druggists and warranted. Whlttlesoy Prop. Mea. Co., Toledo, O. p. Coi's III ve (Cronp) Syrnp has been fcnown and nsed by the medical profession over 100 years, and as a remedy for Colds and Coughs has an older and better reputation thon any othor Cough medicine ever offered to the public. It is known aa the Compound Syrnp of Sqnills, and a formula may bc round in every medical dispeiipatory. r. Kansom's Hive Syrnp and Toln, In addition to the ingrediente for Cox's Hive Syrup, contatos Balsam of Tolu, decoction of Skunk Cabbiige Root and Lobelia, a combination that must commend it to every one as a superior remedy for Eronp. Wliooplng Cougli, AhIIi 111:1, Bronchitis, C'oiielis and Colds, indeed for all affections of the Throat and Lngs whcre a Cough, Medicine is necessary. This Syrnp Is CarefuIIy Prepared nnder the personal direction of a regular Phyeician of over twenty years' practice, whose siguaturc is attached to the dlrections on the bottle. lts taste Is very pleasant and children like Every fainlly shonld keep Has a roady remedy for Croup, Colds, etc, among the children. D. Kansom, Sok & Co., Propr's, Búllalo, N. T. DR. J. R. MILLER'S UNIVEBSAL M AGNETÏC B ALM. Xliis medicine may witli proprlety bo called an 6 Universal Kemedy," as it is fast Bupcrscding all others aa ; imcral faniily medicine. It cures, as if by MAGNKTIG INFLUENCE, Neuralgia and all pain, and ís thcrefore very properly termed "Magnctic Balra.'1 It is jturely a vegetable preparation. It has 110 equal as a remedy for Cholera, Cholera Morbus, IHarrhwo, Dysenterff Colic and. all JJomtï LompUHnts. lts tlmely use will cure Colds, Croup, Diphtheria. Quiney, and all Tbroat aflectione. WIi en jroïerly uscd, Fever and Ague, and other complaintö incidenttoourwcsternand southern climates, are eflfily brokenup. Nerrous Pain Sick-Headache, ond RhenmatIsra are cured by this medicine when all others hava fatled. Toothache, Earacho, Burns, Chilblaius andl Brafses are relieved at once by its use. Tbe Genuine has I. IZansom êc C'o.'tt private Kevenue Stamp on the onteide, and Dr. J. B. Miller's Mapietic Balín bloivn in the bottle. Examine closely, and bny none bnt the Renuine, Sld by all Druggitsts. Price 25 cents per bottle. D. IUnsom, Son & Co., Tropr's, Buffalo, N. Y. J OK'SWINEOFTftR vk 10 YEARS $Í$L PUBLIC TtáT mS' Has prored Erock's - To have inore Aj5iJ!iAto -rt lian aiy SwaeEs? similar preparan g#frYSfísM& i ion ver ollercd t lie public Tt i ricli i n the medicinal nualiíu'sof Tar, and uneqaaled for liMeases of' tlie Tliroat and lylinmS performing the most reniark. able cures. CougliH, Co3l. Elironic Couglis. It effectually cures tliem all. Aslliiua and ISrondiitisk Has cured so many jfíBb cases it has been proVC-'V nonneed a specific í'ol "- these complaints. 'or pcains in Brcast, Side al : Back, ! Gravel or Kidncy Discase, ( Diseases of ílie Urinary Organs, Jaundico or any Liver Coinplaint, It has no eqiial. It is also a superior Tonic, 1 Restores the Appetite, Strengthens the System, Restores the Weak and Jíebilitatcd, ■ Canses the Food to Digest, ' Removes Dyspepsia and Indigestión f Prevents Malarious Fevers, (xives tone to your 8ysíem. JFor Scrofhla, í T nlous IHscíimcn o f JJS 1hí Eyes, or Scroíuní la in any form. 2f Any disease or eruption i ft of the Skin, disease of the @y& Liver, Kheumatism, @S( ples.OM SoreR,Ulcers,BrokY Hj. en-down Constitu ti ons, QM? Sypliilis, or any disease deffl pending on a depraved cona dition of the blood, try IS DR.CROOK'S 4 SYRUP OF B POKE ROOT. pfJ It has the medicinal propfji$a crty of Pokecombined with . Ir jy a preparation oflronwhich 1 JyvS Eoes ftt nee into the blood, Jy performing the most lapid Jr and wonderful curen. Ask your Druggist for Dr. Crook'g "" üompound Syrnp of Poke Koot- take j itand be healed. i - AW GUMMER & SHAKPENEK. r in A CHEAP, Rimple, ank durable Machine -easily J1! operuted and running Wheels from 8xá iaches to 12x ' r linoh. m] Frice of Machine, $15. g Wheels with bevelled, doulile bevelled and round faoe from SS-13 ; $7.3ö, aooordlng to thlokfa" nesB. Hravior Mucíiincs $70 nnd $9O, running cí: WhcHs np to 24 ineheí in diameter. 1 Por illustiíitcil Pamphlet or Photogrnphs, addroas to THE TAWITE C0., hn, H13nj6 Stroudsliurg, Mumoo Co., Pn. J iu? I ' I ["ASHTEWAW CtHfNTtt pseñ P5B?T3 rfn jrvn'ñ "wn paa p! " ■: 1l v i ID irj uní Wwj i iteatffl MtaBf feMuí Kmm lyfflili POTAftY PUBLÍCO AMO Oí L.Í I GENERAL i LJ U iJkJÜCONVEYANCER JL-JL3 PIIlllllllllillillll!lilll'!'irl'llllll.llili.,,lll!'ll!il'.lllliilhl.illii :l;, ,1.11', lili 'j OUR ABSTRACT BOOKS! As partinlly indicjited ftbove, are now posted to ilute. They nt onctí, in a oondensea nr posted form, show tlii) orinal chnin and ull new ohains of titlo. Instuuce, such aB AUDITOR GENERAL'S DEEDS, Known as Tax-Titlcs, which are very nuüierous in this County, Decrees, Contraéis, Deeds ! WILLS, SeO, Aleo, now as woll u all of the old undisoharged Mortnges as f ir b;iclt as 1824- which nre lesiona. Persons tákfn;? title or mortatres mul Utna sill reraember that Tat-Titles and other collufceral m:iltra ore not found iu the uplal of saroli by íudexea at the RegisteT offloe. The books or Uiera in the íleister's fHce Imvo becomeao numerous and volum iuous that long tiin.G U neoeasarily required éven : rauke a hasty and nnreliable seurch. Wiili ow faeilitiea we sayto the public tliat we can show them title and Title Hiato ry, make Ueocls, MortHffCB, ABsigniiHnts, Discharges, &c, aa correctly, qnicker and in better stylc than auy other oílice in the Couiity. We have MONE7 TO LOAN ! On Bond and Mort gage en long time. REAL ESTÁTE -old or exchniiKed. IIOL'SES TO I1EKÏ. 38 CTO ipposile the Observutory for sale in loi to suit imrL-hustra. ROOT & LEITER, Real Estáte Agents, No. 1. Qregory Blok, Teacy "W. Kott, and opposite the PofltotBoe. A. Leiter. 1410tf . WISHART 'S n n S JrIISrE TREE y TAI CORIA! ! i NATURE'S GR E AT REMEDY t .- FOR THE o r "1HKOAT AJVD JLUNGS. It is grntïfyïng to na to infnrm the public that Dr L Q. ''. Wiphart's Pine Trec Tar f'oryial, for Throat and Lung DísefiscB, has gained an envlnble repata ' tion f rom thc Atlinitic to the Pacific coíist, and f rom thence to aome o! the flrst famlios of Europa, not y t rouph thc press alone, bul by persone throuprh ut the States actual ly beaeñted and cu red at hie oftice. While hepublishen less, so i-jiy our reporters, he Ifl unable to .supply the demaud. It gains and holds its reputation - First. Not by. -toppDg coagh, bnt by loosening I an : RBslstíng nature to throw ofl" tlie uuheaíthy 1 matter ccllect.ul alx-nt thethroat andbronchial tubes . which c&usa irrifaiien . Sccond. It removes the causee ofírrttatton (which produces coagli) of the mncoua membrane ad Itout chúii ., aeslsts the langa to act and t'm-w off thc anhealthy secretions, and pari fles the blooct. Third It Is free fr m squllls. lobelia, ipecae and Dplura, o( which mot-t chroat and Inng remedien ar cömposed, which allay coagh only, and cTisorganlze the stomach. It has a BOOtMng effect on the tomach) acts on the liver and kidnoys, ind lym pathïc and nervous reglóos, rpachiog to every ■t;irt of the b vu tem, and in its mvlgoratlng and pnrifying efl'wtsit has gained ftrepatatlon which it must hold ;üvü al o thc eb iu the unuket. NOTICE. THE PINE TREE TAR CORDIAL, GREAT AMERICAN DISPEPSIA PILL8. AN WORM SÜGAR DROPS Being nndermy lramediantc rtirection, tliey shal notlooeo thelr curative qualilics by the nee of cheap and impurc articles, HENRY E. WISHART, PROHEIETOR, FREE OF CHARGE. ; Dr. L. Q. C. Wishart's Offlco Parlora nre open on Mondays, Tnes Inys and Wcdnosdaya f rom O A. M to 9 P. M., for consiiltiition by Dr. Wm. T. 'Magee. With h:m a' e associatie! two con=ult!iif; phyeicians of acknowledycd ability. This opportunltjr is not t offered by any other inetitutiou in the city. i :- All letters must be addresscd to L. ü. WISHAKT, M. ü., JVo. 232 SS. Second St., PHILADELPHIA. 1405U1H n . . - _ TnE CIÏEAPEST HOUSE L ï IN 1HF. SC CITY OF ANN AKBOR! ï H. COHÉN' DEALEIt IN V Millinery &c. We Sell for Cash Only. H13tf 33 SOUTH IAI1V STREET. A Rare Chance tcTlet. A largo and modern new Grocery tore in Botiboz Rlock, Dotro t Street. Utfdbubtedly the beet locatïon I in that part of the city for ïfttd hnsinew. A (rood - InrgO cellar and new barn attaelutd t.o tho preraisea. The reut is $800 yearly, to be taken in groceries for - tny famiïv use. Also atine now Meat MarkBt, all complete, jotnlng . my block, with modern Improvementa, marble table n ifec, larp;e new smokc htmse, larffe brick clstern and x_ cellar, new harn and all ready for use, with three family roomw above. Store reuts for $260 yearly ; taien iii meat for my family use. IVJI Alao a small store iu my broek, honses, roorac, Ac, ' " ;o let t FOR SALE- Three ff'od Urge or farm .o lorsc, onc tin new wuTlage, bog(les,wagonaiarmFt', w" tools. Alüo three good oowb t' . i Juotf Inqulre of L. R, BOCBOZ.


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