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SX-X ■ ■ ' ■ - f =' " i,,..,,, -i LKuIh TS PURETÏ A VEGETABLE PP.EPAHATI02T, conv X poflodalmpiy üfwcll-knownROOTSi HERB3 and FRUITS combino d. xvith other propeitiea, which In their nature aro Cathartie, Aperient, Nu tritious, Diuretic, Alterativa and Anti-Bilüous. Thé wholois preservt-d in a siïffieknt quantity of spirifi from the S TT GAK CAJVü to Jíuep tüed ia auy cliinate, wliich, inakes th.e PLáMT&TIQN Bitters OGe of tho mopt deeirablo Tonica anti Cathttr tirs in the world. Xiiey are' latend cd strictly as A Temperanee Bitters only to be uaed as a medicine, and always accordüig to directiona. They are the eheet-anchor of tho feeblo and debilltated. They act upon a diaeased liver, and stimuJata to Buch a degree that a healthy action is at onco brougbt about. As a reinedy to which Women are especially eubject it ia euperseding every other Btimuluiit. Asa Spring and Sunmur Tonio they have no equal. They are a mild and gentío Purgativo as well as Tonic. They Purify the Blood. They are a splendid Appetiser. They mate the weafc strong. They purify and invigorate. They euro Dyepepsia, Constipation and Headache. Thty actaa a epecifie in all species of disorders which undeimina the bodily txength and break down the animal spirit oUeü0t. 53. Park Place. NewYork.. ATHAERON -Only 50 Cents per Bottk It promateg tKc GKOVVTII, rRESEBVES tlic COLOR, and increascg the Vigor uid BEATTTST of the IIAI1C. i , Ovün TnniTT Tears aoo Iton'8 Kltoorcss jtob the Haiü was flrst placed ia tho market by Professor E. Thomas Lyon, a graduato of rrinceton College. The name is derived from tho Greek, ' Kathro," pignifyiug to cleanse, purify, rejuvenate, or reslore. Tha favor i t luis received, and the popularity it has obtained, is unprecednted (ind incrodible. It increasea tha Gkowth and Beauty of t ho üaik. It is a delightful dressing. It eradicatea Dandruff. It prevents tha Hair from tnraing gmy. It keeps the liead cool, nnd gives the hair a ricli, poft, glossy nppearance. It ia tho same in Quantity nnd Quality as il was over a Qüabteb of a Cbntuiïy A go, and issold by all Drnggists and Country Stores at ouly Jtift y Cents per iiottle KVoman's Glory is ir Hair.1 LYON'Sf ". ATHliHON' rl h II vü u BB U il THE BABGOCK i; ÏÏOOK & LADDEE TEUCKS Equipped with Babcock Fire Extinguishers, Extensión hik! Scalingr JLiiddera, Qrapming Ilooks and Cluüns, Buckets, T-itnterns, Pike Poles, Pike Axts, &c, &c, weighiss leu thun 1,000 lbs.; easily handled, Imndsomely nniaaed, and itford the gerentest protection ut less expense than any truck in the maiket. Jus! wliut erery Fira Department wants. Tiie ■ cuck Fire Kng-ines and Fire Extingtiishers are sving i vahuible property all over the country. Send for their record. f K. X. BARNVIV, Gcn.Agcut, US Woodward Ave., Detroit. -u Mfinnfiicturer of Iron, Copper and Brass Wire, ' vire Cloth, Bolting Cloth, Barr Mili Stónes, Broom J Wire and Twine, Topper Weather Vanes, Wlíe - Counter Railing, VViro i'onciug and Ornamental ; Wire Work UlOyrl J B _ , __ , s TAMKS McMAHON, Justice of the Peace, Office in new block, North of Court House Money collected aud promptly paid over. fc oí INSURANCE AGENT. 0 rrhimph, asseiu, $T2T.808,H ?', Sinith Missonri, " (i45,41T.'.H f. iibci-nia, " 35U,0OU.0U g RKAIi KSTATE. to I have SO nrrrs "f li'tul ■' of a m!Ie fronj ' the city 'v mits, (inely locatcd for frnit or garden parpueee. "' Also 40 acres. se Also 10 acres, with-house aod barn.and a llvcl bi treara of waterrunning thronyh the barn yard. 5 60 acres, a raile out. ft I will sell any or all the above cheap, or exchango r city property. 1S74 JAMES McMAHON. DEAL ESTÁTE FOE SALE. ü) THE VOLNEY CHAPÍN UUMESTKAD, Near the north en st corner of the Court House óf luare, Thw paoperty will he sokl at reasonable ■Icen, in lots guit.;ibli-' for a feeldence, or for busiïBSpurpoees. Aleo Iota onMUIër Avenrieeaíit of , oma' green house. AIbo a 3 Farm of 160 Acres, t Well watered and fenced, with good orchard and IrballdlngBj wtthlnamlle of tné Coiirt House in ,. Johns, Michigan, and devora 1 'm. ridreri acres ol rp ie and pak tiinbureU lauda in Sa.naw County, tho lehlñn. ti Iiiquiroof ■ B. W. CHEEVER.or HITmC C. A. CHAPÍN,


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