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An Aggravated Assault

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Some days ago, while the a3sessors of a neigh boring town were busy tuking tho invcntory of real and personal property, they visited the Larii-yard of a todo farmer where thoy found quite a valuable collection of animáis for representación as taxablo property. Beiore completing the list, oae of the asssessors, who is fat enough to belong to the fat man'g association, notioed an old ram in one corner of the yard whose horns were twisted and bis beard was gray with the frosts of many winters. Turning around, Mr. Assessor called out to tho others : " I gay how mueh shall we cali that old fellow?" Before a reply could be given, with that stronk of mischief so latural to the race and perhaps excited by the soroewhat nervous movements of the gentleman, the ram shoí across tho fence, striking our hero on that part of his body usually coverod by hia ooat tails, and knocking him down. With a stiflod oh ' he got up quickly and answered his own question with, ' Cali him five dollars.


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