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Woman's Chief Business

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Dr. Holmes, üke any sensible man, has no objfction to wonion rasking themselves aa aharming aa possible - indeed, be cousiders it their duty to beso. Ho thus discourses nbout ti,n matter i A woman, nótwithstanding she is the ■f listeners, ifllOWB het business, and it is a woniftn'g business to ploase. I don't eay that it is not her business to vote, but I do say the womau who does not please is a falso note in the harmonios of nature. Sim maynot have youtn, or beauty, or even marmer, but ehe raust have BOmething in her voice or expression, or both, which it makes you íeeí better disposed toward your race to look at or listen to. iSho knows that as well as we do ; and her first question fifter you havo been talking your soul into heroonsciousnsss is, " I)id I ploase 't" A woman never forgëtij her sex. She would rather talk with a man than an angel, any day. Vonmnly women are very kindly critics, except to themselves, and now and then their owu sex. Tho less there is of sex abont n wonian, the more she is to be dreaded. But take a roa] woman at hor best moment - well dressed enough to be pleased with herself, not so resplendent as to be a show and a sensation, wilh tho varied outside intluence that set vibrating the harmonie notes of her nature stirring in the mr about her - and what has social lií'e to compare with ono of those vital interchangen ofthought and feeling with her that make an hour memorable r "VVhat can eqnal her tact, her delicacy, h?r subtlety of apprehension, her quicknoss to fuel the changes of temperature hs the warm and cool currents of thought blow by turns ï At one moment 6he is microscopically intellectual, cri'tical, scrupulous in judgment a? an analyst's balance, and the next as sympathetio as the open rosa that swoetens the wind from whatever quarter it finds its way to her bosom. It is in the hospitable soul of a woman that a man forgets he is a stranger, and eo becomes natural and truthful, at the same time that he is inesmerized by all thoso divine diffurences which make her a mystery and a bewilderment.


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