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Apple Tree Borers

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A correspondent oí the Jlaine Farmer says he proteets Lis trees eftcctually against the deppüdations ot' the boreis by covoring their trünks í'or aliout a foot í'rom the ground with oil cloth or tea chost matting. lié says trees riot so covered should bo thoroughíy examined at least twice during the summer in June and August. In June tho btttt may be discíjvered by scraping the bark near the ground. If a dark-colored place is found 011 a young tree, the borer will probably be found beneath this spot. ín August fine wood resembling sawdust may be found en the surface of the ground at the foot of the tree ; the borer is then so doep in the true tni1 Iho knife r wire wiíl liavo to he applied to dislodge him. If thoy cannot bo runohed without putting the tree too severely, the fumes of a lighted match inserted in the whole mado by them will often destroy them. To destroy these pesfa while in the eg-g or poon after beihg hatched, the same writor reoommends a coating of whitewash made of new lime applied to tho trunk in June as a certain reruedy, and if tho branches are covered with the same waah about the last of Juue or 4th of July it will destroy the bark lice. After the borer has entered the wood of the tree the only cortain method of destroying them is to cut into the tree with a pocket knife or small chisel and take them out, or kill them Wttfa es liinber wiro punched into the hole they have made in the bark and wood of the tree. A wire with a barb cut in the end like a fish hook will draw them out of their hole.


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