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Comnicm Conntdl - see unotlier inlunn - cannot fuil to notico a singular method of prooed ura. Áfter tho Council had by vote adjourned - and as we learn aftor tho niembere or a purtioa of them had let't tho oounoil room - " by corumon consent said inotion to adjourq was reconaidored " and tho Council proceeded to the of important business. We táke it tuat such a proceeding is too irregular to pass muster. A motion to adjuurn put and declared carried ends a session boyond resusoitatioh. Tho nioinent the chair declares an adjournment there is no inoniber to move a reconsideration, no chair to entertain or put suoh a niotion, and no body to vote upon it. - The proceedings, then, of the Monday eveuing after-adjournment session- proceedings too important to hang upon so ilim a peg or no peg - can g'et no vaiidity from tho reconsidora'ion of the inotion to adjourn, but if' valid must be considered as havmg been the work of a special or called session, which fact the journal, as it does not, should show. And can it be that a special session of the Council can be convened in such a summary manner, or at all without due notice to each and every meniber of tho time of meeting ? It' so it is time there was a charter provisión, by-law or ordinanoo regulating tho manner of calling special meetings of tho Council, what and how notice of such meetings hall be given, etc. - In these remarks we wish to be understood not as dissenting from or disapproving the actiou of the Council aftor reconvening, but only to protest against so loóse a method of doing business. Too inuch depends upon the regularity and legality of the Council proceedings to permit suoh a violation of all legislative and parlianientary rules of procedure. It ís better to be slow and sure, to bo formal and particular, than to transact even the most trifling business coming before tlio Council in such a manner. - Litigation, expensive and endless, can only result from legislation conduoted in a way so of all safe-guards. The fire fiend - that's tlie sensation reporter's favorite term - "licked up " - another stock phrase - a goodly slice of Toledo on ïViday night last. ïhe fire originated in the trunk factory of Brooks, CiïASE & CRAFT3, 250-256 St. Clair street, and crossing the alley destroyec' several stores and their contente. The total loss is üstimated at $200,000, witl insurauoe aggragating over that. amount - And not to be outdone by Toledo the cry comes up from Detroit, " me, too.' The fire in Detroit was on Saturday afternoon, and broke out on the propeller Meteor, lyiug loaded with passongers and freight at the foot of Second street The buat was a sheet of flames in a moment, and the passengers and crew coulc barely save thomselves. The fire communicated to the warehouse of Buckley & Co., which was entirely destroyed, with its coutents. The building wasowned by the Cass estáte. Grummond's warehouse - building owned by Mis. Oanfield - was also burned, and other buildings partially so. The alinost superhuman exortions of the firemen checked the piogress of the rlainus, and the Meteor after Beveral unsuceessful atterapts was towed to the Canada side, where sho burned to the water's edge. The Free Pres suins up the losses as follows : Loases. Insurance. J. T. Whiting & Co., Meteor, 538,000 $26,000 Cargo of Meteor - - 60,000 50,000 Ducklcy & Co., - - - 25,000 25,000 Mrs. Canfielr}, - - - 18,000 16,000 Goods in Buckley's warohouse, 20,000 14,000 G. W. Bissell, --- 500 - Moore & Alger, - - - 500 G. B. Smith, ... 400 ■ J. E. Pittman, - - - 300 J. L. Hurd & Co., damages to elevator, - - - 150 150 Total, ... $102,850 $128,160 TllE vexeá qucstion " what . is to be done with the Modoos ?" has been officially answered. Attorney-GeneralWlLi,iams holds that they are prisoners of war ; that as prisoners of war answerable for crimes couimitted, beforo their capturo, against thêir captors' army or pooplc ; and that a military commission may bo organized to try such of the Modocs in custody who have violated the recognized laws of war. Such was the murder of Gen. CanbY au1 Peace Cominissioner f iiomas. All of which may be so, novertheless tbe formal trial of Captain Jack by military commission will be a great farce. Better ignoro their military status and turn them over to the Oregon authorities, by whom a civil trial would havo been farce enough, but would not have involved tho ridiculous nssumption that the Modocs were eitlierforeignersin arms or citizens attained to the honor of being rocognized as belligerents. The summary treatment Gen. Davis is reported as havïng contemplated, but which wasstopped by ordors from Washington, would hava oeen a better solution. Tjie Free Press isn't yet done with the Territorial laws "job" - for that is the correct word to use, and by the aid of a Laneiiig correspondent bIiows an unneceHsary doal of bungling in getting out tho iirst volume. It cloarly shows that ;he ñrst volume was compiled and executod without ny authority, and that the Bubsequent lcgialation was designed So give it sanction. Our cotemporary is, ïiowever, a little too lenient on the Stite printers. The legislation for soioe years shows manipulation designod to center a vast deal of work in the State printing office, work that should rightfully be done in the counties and paid for by the pArtie using, or work wliich had better not be dono at all. As to the compiler - if compilation was necossary, which wo do not see er concode - we have yet to learn that ho has any fitness for guch a work. Tho whole thing, we repeat, is ft job. The fifth annual meeting of the Michigan Publishers' Association has been called by the Executive Committee to be held in Detroit, Tuesday, June 17th, at 2 o'elock r. m. No order of proeeedings aas yet been mude public. An opportunity is now offered Bro. Pattison to present a claim for that inailed $) admission fee. Capt. Jack denios killing Gen. Can3Y : and thiB thougk he wa9 seeu to fire the fatal shot. Is n't thia an eyidenoe that Capt Jack was insane at the time? Tho Horse-Rrepders' Assoclatlon Kaccs. From the report in the Detroit Tibune - made up by an amateur sportsman, we presume, more familiar with the tertns than our " local " - we condenso the following statement of the eoveral days' races at the iirst annual meeting of the Ann Arbor Ilorae Breeders' Assooiation : riKSt DAY - WEDNESDAY. Por the first race, purse of $250, for horses that havenovor trotted betterthan three minutes, seven horses were enterod, viz. : B. m. Blackfoot, b. g Pilot, b. g. Cordillas, b. m. Belle, formerly Bay Filly, b. s. Onward, c. m. Ada F. and Trip Humuier. The first heat was won by Ada F ;" timu, 2.41 14. The others carne in in tho following order : Belle second, Onward thinl, Cordillas fourth, Blackfoot and Trip Hammer distanced, and Pilot left the field. The seoond heat was won by Ada F. in 2.43 1-4. Onward came in second, Belle third, Cordillas fourth, and Mot fifth. The third heat was won by Ada F. ; time, 2.43 1-4. Onward Becond, and Belle third. The second race, for a purse of $100, for horses that have never trotted for nioney, resulted as follow: LadyEdith, 1 1 1 Sil ver, 2 2 2 Pilot, dist. Haymaker, dist. Rovnl (tpoi?p, cïist. Time- 2.49 1-2 ; 2.55 3-4 ; 3.08. The thi-d rae, for a purse of $400, for horses that hare never beat 2.40, resulted as follows : Sleepy John, 111 Trip Hammer, 2 3 2 (Jreenwood, 3 2 3 Time- 2.44 1-4 ; 2.45 ; 2.45 1-2. SEOOND DAY - THURSDAY. Tho first race, open to horses owned in Washtenaw County, purse $150, was oalled promptly at 2 o'clock. The result was as follows : Stonewall Jackson, 111 Hunkidori, , 2 2 2 Haymaker, 3 dist. Wild Bill, 4 3 dist. Wilkes Booth 5 dist. 2.ü4 1-2 ; 2.43 3-4 ; 2.47 1-2. THE RUNNINÖ RACE. The second race was for running horses, single dash, one ruile, purse $50, was won by Hurdle Stone, b. m., Noontime, b. g., coming in second ; Bay Jim, b. g., having been withdrawn. Time, 2.2 1-4. THE 2.50 KACE. The third race was for horses that havo never trotted better than 2.50, for a purse of $300, aud resulted ai follows : Ada F.,c m., 111 Belle, b. m., 2 2 2 Pilot, b. g., .3 3 3 Surprise, b. g. 4 dist. Cordillas, 6 4 4 THIRD DAT - FRIDAY. The first race was called promptly at 2 o'clock, and was open to horses owned iu Wnshtenaw County that have never trotted better than threo minutes. The following is the result : Kaiser, I10 1 A=e of Spades; 2 2 diüt. Pilot, 2 dist. Time- 3.09 1-2; 3.51-4; 0; 3.01. The third heat was decidod no heat, dissatisfaction having been expreased by tho backers of Ace of Spades, who was distanced, to the effect that the dri ver hac been bought off, as he evidontly held hi horse in. His owner refüsed to 6tart him on anotber heat, aud Kaiser consequentlj trotted alono, inaking tho mile in 3.01 All bets aud pools on this raco were deolared off by the judges. The second race was a doublé team race, for horses that never beat 2.40. - Purse, $100, divided as follows : first, $50 secoud, $30 ; third, $20. Three teams were entered, taking positions at the stand in the order named : Hunkidori and mate, entored by J. H. Morton Stonewall Jackson and mate, entered by G-. W. Rosrers ; Green wood aud mate, tered by C. W. Huwland. Greenwood and mato, 1 dist. Stonewall Jacksou and mate, 2 2 11 Hunkidori and mate, 3 12 dist. Time, 3.07 3-4 ; 3.07 ; 2.58 1-4. Thu last race was opeu to all horses, for a purse of $600, divided as follovrs : To flrst, f300 ; to sooond, $150 ; to third, $90; to fourth, $60: Threo horses vrere entered, gtarting in the order named : .Western Boy, br. g., entered by John Deraass; Fred Hooper, b. g., formerly Eüis, entered by Win. McLaughlin; Molly Morris, c. m., fornxerly Kitty Fisk, entered by E. Armstrong. The following is the summary : Fred Hooper, 111 Mollie Morris, 2 2 2 Western Boy, . 3 3 3 It 18 now definitely announced tbat the corner stono of the new capítol at Lansing will be laid on the 2d day of Octobor noxt - with imposinR ceremonies. Hon. Wsr. A. Hcvward has been appointed Orator for the occasion, and Gan. James E. Pittman, Chiof Marshal. - $10,000 were appropriatod at the late seesion of the Legislatura to " pay the shot." The official canvass of the late special election for Sheriff and Coroner in Juckson county, ehows the election of Beown, Liberal, over Hioby, Eepublioan, by C68, and by 39 over both Hioby and Yideto, Prohibition. Ztjnder, Liberal, for Coroner, had a phirality of 441. The new Sheriff .has already entered on duty.


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