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The Kiowa And Comanche Indians

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St. Lottis, June 11. -The Timeshati a letter from Fort Sill, Indian Territory, dated June 3, which says that Mr. Bide, cliiof olerk of Superintendent Hoag, orrived therii the previous Friday to hold coiinsal with the Kiowa and Oomanche Indians with referenee to the release of Satanta and Big Tree, chiefs of a former tribe, wbo have been confined in the Toxas penitentykry for many months past, but no Kiowas were present, and but few Comanches. These tribes aro said to be much d"isappointed because Sa'anta, and Big Tree had not boen released aceording to proniise, and at the non-arrival of Gov. Davis, of Toxas, who was to have been at Fot Sill at the same time. The letter further Btates that it is not known whether Gen. Davis, commandingat Fort Sill, anticipates trouble from the disappointment of these Indians ornot, but on the 2d inst. a squadron of the Tenth Cavalry, under Capt. Norval, lightly cquipped for active field service, left that post with orders to patrol the Texas boundary along the line of the Red Eiver, From the mouth of Cach Creek to Piase Hiver, and if he found the trail of any war party entering Texas to follow it as rapidly as possible. ■ A trampirjg printer named A. F. Jackgon described as having a "Wilson strawDerry nose," and euch a general appearance that he woui'd not be mistaken tor a capitalist, has oloped frora Kingston, ííew Tork, with Mrs. Garrison, a married ady. Mr. Garrison colloctod a small arsenal of revolvers, and shot gun, and was about to camp on tho trail of the missing couple, when friends persuadid him that a woman who would desert Bnch a man as he and go off with a man liko Jackson, was not worth huuting for; he should consider Jacksoa a blossing in disguise. ie took the advice, sold out the arinory, and agaiu pursues ihe pathg of peaoe.


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