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A EXgo the Register of tliis city said oí a lidy of note and notoriety : "Süsan is tiro muoh for theÜiiited States Court of the Western t)istrict of New York," and now comes the Kalumazoo Tclegrajih, tho rival oí' cur local cotemporary in the advocacy of woinan's claim to the ballot, and avors : " SusAN Tí. Anthony haa naither youth nor beauty to win for liol' adlniration, but what sho laeks in these regards she moro thsn makes up in suiartiieos." That accounts for her beiug tico muoh for her opponent. - According to the vital statistios for 1872 Zurich is the heiUthiest city in Europo, tlie dsath rate being 13 in the thousand. London atid Fans each stand at 21. The greatest movtality is in Cadiz, 44; Prague and Munich aro 41 eacb, and Rome, 3(5. In the United States San Francisco has tho lowest death rate, 17 ; St. Louis and Cincinnati tho next, '20; New Orleans and Boston, 30 ; New York, 33 ; Mcmphis the highest rate, 46. Valparaíso, S. A., runs up to G6. - The N. Y. WorU ay : "A techy Wisconsin man has Btopped bis subsoription to tho local newspaper just because the editor eloped with bis wife." That'e nothing : several subscribers have stopped the Ahgl'3 beeause (it is to be presuoted) the editor didn't tlope with their wives. These subscribers are pesky hard to suit. - "fihall we havo cholera and yellow fever'r" ia pertinent quostion by tb; New York World.' Yrs, both, one might angwer after reading the pages of the World for tho last iortnight. Tho filthy streets, lanes, alleya and teueraent houses it describes wiil provo fruitful breeding grounds for pestilence of every kind. - Some graceless scalawag - not having the fear of the grand army of woinen - inainuates that Susan B. Anthony proliminary to casting her maiden vote made oatb that she was " ft male citizen." - That fellow will get his ears shortened if Susan or any of her tdmirers can lay hold of him. - At the recent annual examination of the candidatos for adinission to West Point 86 passed and were admitted, and 68 were rejected. In the list of admitted w notice the names of Ánimos A. Augur, Wilber E. Wilder, and Richard H. Wilson, of Michigan. - It now turns out that John H. Mitchell, the newly elected Orogon Senator is uot named Mitehell at all, and that his real name ia Hippie. He also left a wife and children in Pennsyïvania his Oregon family being a second editioc. - West, the school teacher who murdered the negro at Dover, Dover, Delaware, and burned his body in his laboratorj-, has been acquitted. Self defense was tho dodga of the jury. - The New York he:ilth officers discountenance bathing in the waters whioh wash the shores of that city : alleging that they are poisoned by the sewerage discharges. ■ - Ex-Gov. Wise has a hankering to be Governor of Virginia again : but declares he won't accept the nomination of any party. Guess he woii't get to be Governor, then. - Shall the belligerents who massacred the Modoc prisoners be tried by military commission, or how ? What say Attorney-Geueral Williams and the articles of war ï - Rev. Dr. Hogarth has resigned tho pastorate of the Jetferson Avenue J'resbyterian church, Detroit, to accept a cali to the Socond Presbyterian church, Genova, N. Y. - Attorney-General Williams think it will be almost impo9sible to catch the ruffians and outlaws to whom he attributes the murder of the Modoc prisoni-K. - Capt. Jack, the Modoc ohief, is only 3(5 years old, and looks every inch achief. He don't rehsh being ironed. It is au unlooked for indignity. . - Alexandria Palace, near London, was burned on Monday, the loss being estimated at $3,000,000 with an insurance of only $600,000. - " Monsieur Touson has come again." This time it is Guatemala instead of San Domingo that he wants to annex to tho United States. - Young Walworth, whose shooting and killing of his father we noted last week, has boen indicted for morder in th first degree. - A Milwaukee matron - a Germán - takes the blue ribbon : she won the chiunpionühip with three boys and a girl. - Prolific. - The nülsdale Standard says that Representative Waldron, of this district, hasn't drawu the back-pay.


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