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Colliery Disaster

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KiiAMOKix, J.'a., June 10. - This .afternocm an explosión uecurred in tho lïenry Clay Colliery, oporated by the Philadolphia and lieading CoaV ond Iron Conipany, noar this place, The collisry had not buen inspecteá. for some titue, but was always considored safo. It has the capacity for mining 8,000 tons of coal por ïnonth, and 65 uien aïe employed in it. CAUSE OF THE EXPLOSIÓN. Conrad Gumpocer, the inside boss, went into an old working in the vrater li'vol, when the explosión itnmediately foliotred, caused, it is thought, by iire dump haviug been fired, whieh eoninimiioated with the air ways froin the water lovol into slope below whero the men worked. tuk BLAöL damp. The minera iü this sectioh of the eoal región, not being accustonied to bluck damp, thought it was blasting powder tbat had been set on fire. They roinained in the elope till altnost ovöfcoriie with black damp, and theh, starting to corne op, met the body of tho after damp and feil senseless. Tho strongar idíui nianarged to gc-t out, however, and gave an alarm to the gnide who followed, but on rcaching the top of the shaft they feil back, being completely overeóme. THE 0A8XJALTIB8. To!m Hays, tho ontsidfi boes, on hearing the alarm, immediately went to the reseñe. After proceedlng itbout SO0 yards ho feil faoe downwuri in a pool of water and was drowned. líugen Magenoki was found drowned by his side. Kight men were brought out dead. Thero was no caving in of the mine, as first supposed, and thero was no fault in the ventilation. The accident resulted from old gas exploding in a disused woT'king. Up to 10 r. M., ten dead bodies were taken out. ASSISTAXCE RENDEKED. Many of the men from tho surrounding mines carne to render asssistance. The wiTes and children of the miners were rushing to the scène of the disaster and findiHg their husbands and brothers, either dead or gasping for breath, while others were watching the arriTal of friends. TJIE NCMBEIl IN TnE MINE. Thero were 50 men in the slope at the time of the explosión, 35 of whoru are known to have escaped and will recover. ACCIDEXT TO A COAL OPERATOR. Wm. Brown, a prominent coal operator at this place, feil down the Daniel Webster haft this afternoon, 165 feet doup. His leg was broken and he was othurwise severely injured.


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