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Detroit Live Stock Market

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Michioan Centhal Yabds, ilonday, June 9. The receipts at these yards f rom the variuus pointe in the State for two weeks were as folio ws : ■ Cittle. Hoifs. ehecp. Week cnflinR June 1 Sl)3 689 366 Woekendimjjune 9 11} 1,358 51J Total 408 1,807 882 Stock received for transhipment : Cattle. Hor. Wec-k emllng June } 3. 011 4,485 Week endhijf J une 9 1,196 6,015 Total 3,207 ,60l) CATTLE. The market opened very closely, owing to the absence of Eastern buyers and close rulings of that market. The market yesterday was cqjifiued to operatious of home buyers, who brought choice lots at a close figure to last week's quotations. The heavy shrpments of choice cattle from the Northwest mukes this market at present a close one, as competition with cattle irom that región is out of the cjuestion. State cattle from interior points comprised the greater portion oí the lots in pens, and, as usual, preseuted every shade of quality, from common to extra. A few lots from Chicago were brought in during the week, and some OTer from lust week were sold at a sacrifico. City butchers make inquiry for choice stock, but when thcy find the market depressed are always on the alert to take advantage of it. Stockers were bought up at a close ñgure by regular shippers, who are not so plentiful as on the week previous. A few milch cows were in, destined for the retail market at King's cattle yarda, there being but a slight inquiry for them here. As to the actual demand it may be said that only choice cattle vnil be in the lists for awhile now, as the demand for cattle for stockers is about exhausted. XJnder sales of the day we quote : Chutee to extra, avernginöf l,OGO,to 1,300 lbp., in good üesh and build $5 50(6 25 Common to choies'. averaging 1,000 to 1,200 tbs , in medium ik-sn und build 4 05 25 Stoekera, averaKinq 800 to 1,0001b 3 50'3.i 00 Ijjtlit cattle, (Ou to 800 lbs 2 50&3 25 HOGS. The demand was not brisk, only for choice store, these selling always at fair prices Block liogs are in poor demand, with a corresponding declino in price. Home operators get lots for immediate cousumption. Packers are active in using up lots, but the extraordinary influx ia greater than can be promptly met. The shipmeuts from the Chicago market to points iu the East, as per the company's books, seem to indícate that the reserve of the hog erop was greater than was expected and apparently inexhaustible. We quote : Lots suitahle for packers $4 25@5 00 Lots medium weight $4 00(g;4 50 Lots suitable lor store ) 4 50(ji5 00 SHEEP. In this line the trade does not revive. The demand for muttou sheep is only confined to a few operators, such as make it a specialty. A few only were in the pen, all sheared, selbng in one lot at 14 75 and averaging 85 lbs. At present there can be no classification of prices, as the prices realized are according to disposition of buyers.


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