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New York Wool Market

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The market for domestic fleeces and pulled wool is still lacking in buoyancy and animation, but tliere ia a fair inquiry nevertheless for clothing wools at low prices. The stock of fine native fleeces is smal], and prices are cousequently relatively higli, but buyers do not Beek for this class of wools to any extent unless for special orders, so long as they can buy cheaper wools to &upply their pressing requirements. There has been a good inquiry for oíd California and Texas wools, and quite a " clearing out " oí the same at low prices, but yet no lower than the same classes of wools have been selling at recently. The new clip of Texas, Georgia, Missouri an California begins to arrive slowly, and the pros peet is we shall have a good supply of thes wools ere the close o the month, to supply th pressing wants of trade ere the fleece wools o Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan b gin to arrive in sufficient quantity to meet th wants of consumera. It is auticipated that th new clip will bc much larger everywhere thi year than last ; and with money scarce anc dear, and but little demand for manufacturec goods at any profitable rates, the prospect of securing any higher prices for the staple are dubious. The market for the foreign staples has this week shown more activity, especially in South American. Montevideo wools have been in active request at prices within tho range of 30a33c, chiefly at about the lower rate. Cape wools are also in fair request at about 33c, but small sales of choice wools are being coutinually effected (with some considerations) at higher figures. In the present condition ot' the woolen interest rad the money markets of the world, much depends on the credit of purchasers, which to some ■jxtent may account for the irregularity in prices. Combing wools are very ícarce, especially oíd. Tho new Kentucky comning fleece is beginning to come forward in hmall quantities. It is held at 4ó47c, while tub wools hang fire at about half a dollar. The sales for the week include 10,000 Ibs X and XX Ohio fleece, at 50a50c ; 5,000 Ibs Xo 1 do at 0214c ; 10,000 lbs Ohio do at 49o54c ; 18,000 Ibs Michigan and Ohio do at 46a60c ; 10,000 Iba Ohio fleece at 48c ; 50,000 lbs No 1 and X Michigan and Ohio do at 46t5Oc ; 5,000 lbs Indiana do, in grease, at 3233c ; 3,000 Ibs do, washed, at 4óa46c ; 5,000 lbs tubwashed at 51c ; 2,000 Iba do at 45c ; 4,500 lbs unwashed fleece at 28 a40c, part new wool ; 4,000 lbs umnerchantabte


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