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Bil A DEWJÍISON'9 PATENT rflnn HIPPl?íO TAOS; I íi IB l Ter 20 miH'ou9 hnve hQel1 uied with" i Hifi i i" the l)t8t ten y-"11"' without comII i!WW plaintof lossby tag becoming dotachsdAll Express Conipanies uk them. Soid bjf Printers and Stationera cverfwlwrt. BeJ-fin! thc Mississippi.- Thousands hav already gone, and thousands more aro turning their eyes towards new homes ki the fertile West. To those going to Missouri,. KanB&s, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Wyomiug, Nevada, Orepra or California, w recommcud a cheap, sufe, qnick and direct route, via St. Louis, over the Missouri I'aciflc Uailroad, which runs ita fine Bay Coaches and Pullman Sleepers from St. Louis to prinoipal points in the West without charme. We believe that tl.e Missouri Paciflo Kailroad has the best track and tho fineít artd safest equipment of any lino westof the Missisaipp!, and its conneetions with roada fuzther "S éltt ure prompt and relinble. The Texas counection of this road Í8 now completed, and passengers are offered a flrst-Class, allrsiil route from St. Louia to Texas, either over the Missouri, Kansas & Texas K. E., via Sttialia, or OTer tho Atlantic & l'aciflc 11. E., vía Vinita. I-'or maps, time tables, information as to rutes, routes, &c, we our readers to I. O. Wheoler, Northern PasenKer Agent, 72 [iloyd street, Huffalo, N. Y., or E. A Ford, Overal Ti'.ËaTjner Apant, Bt. Louis, Mo Question: icül bt chttrfully aiul promfiUn anivjendl Etniration Ofurnin ! CliBap Farm im Sontli-west Missouri I-The Atlantic & raoifio fiailroad Company offers 1,200,000 acreB of lar.din Central and Southwost Missouri, at from 3 to $12 per anre, on even yearë' time, with free transpnrtatíou from 8t. Louis (o áll purchasero. CUniRte, Boíl timbor, mineral wealth, schools, churnhes and lawabidiiw society Invite emigranti from all pointB to this land of imita and ilowers. For particular, address A. Tuck, Land CommiBüiouer, St. MU, aiissuuri. ■ 14' Grant at Long Branch. The New York Sun finda in the departure of President Grant for Long Branch fin occasion for some outepoken and trenchant oritioism. The notice given by tho President at the last Cabinet ineeting that he iutended goinfc itnniediately to Long Branch for the sumiaer, and that he might occasionally visil the capital if any important matter required his presence, is tegarded aa a suspensión of the great public business, outside of nrdinary routine, for four or flve mouths, and a practical transfer of the functions of government to subordinates. The Presidont deserts his post, and that ta the sighal for tuehibers of the Cabinet, assistant secrptaries, heads of bureaus, chief clerks and others to follow in his footsteps. He cannot rebuke them without reproaohihg hiruself. It peoeasarily folloWs that all important subjects muat be adjourned until the administration is collected together before the meeting of Congress and that others of less ïnagnitudo are coinraitted to the hands of inferiorB without responsibility. With such temptations bofore them it ii not surprising that rings are formod in the departments, that collusion with outsiders is comraon, and veniality is reduced to systein. It is all directly traceablo to he President's want of moral sense, ouljable neglect of duty, distaste for ttndy ind business, and a morbid appelit which is daily conquering his power of esistance and destroying whatever usulut'ss he may have onoe had.


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