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The Mormons

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Salt Lake, June 10. - Another orusd gainst whisky has been instituted by th ity government. Many have been arested and trials for violation of the ordiance have been ïaade. and seTeral pr;ie8 sentenced to jail. The territoriiil ourtB have released the condeinned on aleas eorput and flnally enjoined the city uthorities until the quostion cf the legality of the ordinance is judioially deided. Ou Sunday Brighara Young, in ha Tabernacle, advocated the total proibition enforcempnt by the city. The ntiro audience sustained the proposition )y raising their hands. Other Mormon )reanhers in ward meetings in the evenng Bpokn in the same strain. There is onsiderable excitement over the question, whioh Jodge MoKean decides Thursday. Pat Rally killed B. G. Eobinson at ieaver L:ike on Saturday, and surrenderd hiuiself and suicided by poison th ame night. From top to bottom, in every part of it, be civil sorvice is utterly deiüoralized, nd is getting Worse day by day. Eobson in three years has contrived to let own the moral tone of the navy until ow it is a standing reproach, with some ïonorabla exceptiohs. The army, whioh tooii high, has i'lt the pernicius effeots f favoritism, injustioe and prtñudice, nd is no longer vt-bat it Wfts. We are n the downward grade, and if the jreaks are not put quiokly and strongly n, the train must be wrecked and With most preciou8 freight. - New York Sun.


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