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3STEW SPRING GOODS. ■■'..,: The Largestj Most Elegant, and much the cheapest Stock of flrst-class super!) DRESS GOODS Black and Colors Ever Exhibited in t h is market is at MACK&SCHMID'S! CPEING BtfLLÈTÏN ! E. J. MM. " THE " HATTER! Has turned hls bark upon Winter and oponed hia st -ck oi SPRING GOODS! I ncluding all the latest st j les of Hats and Caps! O E N T S FURMSHING GOODS, &c. Which must be eold GOOD GOODS AND LOWPRÍCES 1b the "word to pass along Ibe line. 7 South Main si.. Ann Arbor. 1424 rHAMBERS' ENCYCLOP.EDIA. á JJICTIOKAIlï OF Universal Knowledge for the People. REATISB HDIT1ON. WITH Maps, Plates, and Engravings. - Complete in 10 Vols. óf 882 pages each. lllustrated toiiJt abvut Four Thoutand Engyaringt and Forty Map y togtlhtr vith a Series qf f rom Eighty ío Ont Jíniidred Eleganily Enffraved Plates - ïlhlHralivc of the ISubjects of Natural Hisiory - now for the riBST Time appearñfg in tht viork. PRICE PER VOTtfME, 1 Extra Cioth, boveled bontds, - $5 í! Libriiry ihoep. mnrbled cdgc, ■ 6 CO Hall Turkey ilovooco, S' 50 I THI8 EDITION 13 SOLD OStf#BT AGENT8. 6 Published by 3. fi. LIPPlffCOTT & CO., Pbü,. delphia, P. ' SYLVANUS WABEKÏi, 1S9 Woodward Avenue 8 Detroit, General Agent for the State of Michigan. s f Py líomparing Chumbera' Enoycloiiwrlia irith tin New Amorican Oyelopiedi,- t!.f: work v, it'.i wliicli ü . is most írectúunüy brouglit hito conipnrison, it wil' e bo found that wliile tho ten volumes nf t-hamberi?' l contai 83-ü pagea, the orifinal tixttrn volumes oi the n New American contain less thau L2000 p:iges. It .' will alm be iotind (bat a page of Chambevs' oontairif ? fllll mit-ffth more matter thnn a pago of the New ' Ameritan, making tlic ten volumes of the lorraei equivalent in amount of printed matter to at k-as' thirteen volumes of the bitter, not to mention tin " numerous PUtesJabout 8(í, Woodcuta (sorae 4 000; ? imrl Maps (bout 40), that are lnotuded n thil editioi, of Chambers', and to whieh tho New Amorican poesses no oorresponding featurrai. It is confldcntb believed that as a popular " Dictionabt of Usivi au. KNOWi,)rirtR," tbeork i wiihoat at rquiil m t)i,hi'pHh lnn$usr. Jïvl


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