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New York Millionaires

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Tho throe richest men in America are William B. Astor, A. T. Stewart and Commodore Vanderbilt - all residente oi New York City. Astor'fl wealth is mainly re;il estáte aíid íf s íeteníiee ; Vanderbilfa is niainly in Bnüroad stocks and their dividends ; Stewart'g is in good, liouses, stores, faotories, land nnd stocks. The Afsarcs te wcalth of each onr of Uiem Is suppostd to be Eomewhere between siíventy fivo and a hnndred millions, wbioh looks rather heary. Nobody knows exactly ; they couldn't teil thomselves within a million or two. Those who knowmoet about tbeir affairs put fheir figures highest, and say that the irrrome tax returns of a few years ago, whioh showtd each of theni to be yrorth ISetween twenty and thirty iiiillione, gave no proper idea óf theír real wealfh. Astor Uves unostentatiously ; Tanderbilt livfis in a three-story brick house on ft ♦ hird-class street ; and Stewart lives in a nmrl)lí palftce on Fifth avenue, more magnificent than nny.other residence on 1'' -ii continent, and equaled by but few in any of the great cities of Europe. Astor aïrd Vatiderbilt ate K6W Yorkers by birth ; Stewart is a native of (lie noith of Ireland. Astor is a laree heavy man of seventy, with titrong features and a rubicund face, indicative oi high living ; Stewart is a mediuni-sized man, rather slender and tall, of seventythree, vrith a faca like a parchment, and gives the impression of being hard-up Vandorbilt is a tall, slim, handsome; nroiid-looking man of nearly eighty, ";raight as an arrow. ABtor has Leirs to, liis ostates ; Vanderbilt has children to whom he can leave his fortune ; but Stewart is eh+kSe8B. Astor's public benefactions are tSonfined to somothing likc a couple of hundred thousand dollars, which hc gavo to the Astor Library, and tne two trolrten candelsticïcs, nine feet high, wbich reoently he gave to Trinity Chureb. Vanderbilt has never made any pnblio benefactiong, excepting a eteam. Rhip to the Government duriug the war, fll very reoently; ivhen he pave a miliíon dollars i'or eduoational purposes - onehalf oi' this SUJD to füuftd u university in TcimcsGec, nnd the other balf to anothpr educational inatitution. 8 te wart has alwaj-s hfiil tho reputatiou of boing very ;lose-fistfrd ; luit he mnst b(-ereditod with J&Í8 million dollar " Home for Womon," wh!r:h wü! bc conipleted uaxt year. Astor is a rigorous Epieoopaüan ; Vanderbilt is an independent Methodist, nnd Stewfirt is said to bp inclined to thiulting for fcrUáíelf.' Stevart is a scBóWly man ; Vanderbilt is not. Aatorisan accouiplished man of tho world.


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