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Census Studies--who Are The Nebraskians

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One-seventh of our United States populatiou is of foreign birtb, namely five nd a half rnillions, among thirty-eight ftiiil a half: in exact figures, 5,567,5-Hi, nmong 38,558,371. The foreign element in muoh larger at the Nwth, but its distribuiion is almost identieal in the nower and older Statos, on the Atlantic aud on the Missouri. Thus tho fortïign percontage in botb Massaohusett?, the oldest State, and in Ifebraska, the youngest, is in both States, weli-nigh the same, namely, one-fouith. In the fonuer, 3ó.'S,1l:9, in a total of 1,457,351 ; in the linter, 30,748 in a total of 122,993. Yet the quality of foreigners West is, no doubt, better than Kast. Tliose who have lenst of pluck and purae, lingor aiong the Atlantic as drudges, or oren paupers or worse. But those 'better and better off, go West, beoome - landlords and lords of the land. The first Gorman Governor was clectod in a State on tüe Miasissippi. üf the 30,748, iüreigu-born Nebvaekians thoso originating in the British Empire nre the most numerous, being 12,271. "N'ext, and almost as numorcus, is tho Toutonic element, amounting to 12,026. Tho Scandiiiaviaiis are al most 4,000, and itie Scalvonians half as many. Of the Xebraskians then, three-fourths are native American, while of thu reiuainder, two-fífths aro of British origin. The English percentage is larper in Xobraeka than in any ótber State exóept three. These figures prove that the settlere in the United States will foriu one homogeieous peoplo, and (hat Ënglieh Spdaking and holding nminly to English institutious. As tbey were in tlie begiuniug, bo they are now, und ever shall be, in saecula aeeuloruml Still, amonL the 12,301 homejstéaders nnd tht 13,447 pre-emptors who before thfi close of 1872, had filod tlieir olaimí to land in the Lincoln office, the nnines betoken very various nationalities ñ do those of tlie 2,325 purchasers who had bought 294,625 acres of the Burlington & Missouri lïiver Eailroad on ten years oredit and six per cont. interest. A new impulse has just been given to railroad sales, because on those made Bince 1872, nothing of the principal is püyable until the end of the fourth year, and tben only ono-seventh annuallv. By Pro. J. Z. Butler.


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