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The best way to pet tlie vino is to dig a trench nol less t%an three feet fWp, and four or uva fret in wicfth, and jiicjng in thé bottom bonos, oíd hoce, boots, sods, filling partly witU earth nnd putting on old ysrd inanure, tben {ffcishing up wifh rioh soil. In snttinp th? vine, dig i hLís about, four inohes (ieep, leüTinp Iho middle tha liighest. Spread the roir evenly anü cover about. four inch es deep, pressing the earth firmly oround tho roots. JJ'iw to Train. - In traininp the vine it is not of Kuch iTDportaf.oe what the fon is: every ono tliat oultivates a grupo vine should choose their own form. I choose the branch form on tho side of buildings, where there is rooT ; on rockh no particular fonn is feqaired. Yo will liave to be governed by the situation in training your vine, lt the rinp ij trained on a trellis, the branca form will aiSsffot. The branch form is coiumenced by trainint two curves, one to the right and ono to the leit, in orotch form f rom the msin bfanchoj. Trimndng Ote J'ine.-Aítcr the léate have fti)lf-n in November is the beat time to trim the vine. Care shonld be obscrved in trimming, as the frniting 'depends very mueh on the marnier it is trimmad. ïoungvines süould be cut bark hi Kvn budg the first year in ordor that thcy may take finn root. Now is tbc time to commence foruiing the vine, Tonng bc ginners are apt tp bo too sparing of tii pruning knife, and suffer too many cañe to grow in a young vine. Cho'oso th forrn you wish to adopt and in prunin cut awnj all the cunes, excepf those yo wish to form the muin etaüfs. After the vine has corn'neneed a vig-orous growth, tho rnain branche inay be eut back n far as the thriftinesa of the vine wil] allow. All the lateral branones sliould be cut back every year, leaving Snly two buds next gtlio main sí-.llí. 1 trim niy Tinos late in NoTember, and ly them carffuüy on tho grimnd, airticöVttr Rlightly with evergreen bougha. Early in the spring put them up in their places. When the buds have grown an inch or more, rub off part, leaving as manyas the


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