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Breeding Too Young

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Ewes sliould not be pennitted to breed at one year. The lambs of suoh young mothers will be of little use, always mail, puny and unprofitable, and the mothor will not grow muoh afterward. 3esidos thuro is not proiit in this early breeding, for the first floece will be so nuoh less, and the young ewo bo much osa valué as to quite overbalance the jaiu in the lamb. ïhe owe should not jreed at less than two years old, and shu hould be fed most liberally the first wiuter to keep up the healthy growth nado the first summer on her mother's nilk and goed pasturo. Green food eems even more necesaary for shoep than attle. Theróforo a small quantity of urnips, beots, carrots, or potatoes shr.uld )o provided for lambs. Let the young ves be healthy and strong, and the ambs will bo like them and soll at high figures to the buteher. But early lambs lways eell best, and sharp breeders ihould provide euch warm quarters that ambs may safely be dropped in ry. - Aational Live Slock Journal. A Connecticut man purchased a hnrso f a neighbor, which upon trial did not ove the kind he anticipated. Not cnrng to keep the animal, he applied a dye o his hido that made hira a lovely black, -nd resold him to the aforesaid neighbor.' 'he animal was subsequently sold to t'uê rat purchaser, his appearance having in ie iaeantime been agaia changed, and ow both partios desire to kaow "which man ehould eue the other."


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