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IPfSt T % TEM REA8OM8 WHY lio Family should he without a liotlle af H -'■' TTLJ1SEY in thi hnst. _♦- I'wüi relieve the worst case of Büioul Cgohoor Cholera Morbus in 15 minutes, 4.a... It will cure thc móít obstinate case i m'P6pí a"J 'nd'sostion " b SA'm1' is th! be5t rem"Iy in the world fol 8. bu Headaohe, tu thousnds can tcstify.l .. " thc f"s' ■ynptomi appear. ., tn:" ls ' diuretic ever put lefer ■ the public; cumig iliose distressing conn!:,jnts, Diabetes md Cravel nú other Urínary o 'ffíoultle e. Ííl í3 a niost excellent E mm en a& ' :md t0 lhc vunj Clrls. middlc aged W omen,. -ndat the Turn of Life, th. 2 ls of '".calculable valué. Otn.- lt will remove wind from the boií-elsi ana henee a few drops in some sweetcnwl water iven toi babe !■; lietter tlian a dozen cordials td Renové and make t Sleep. Contain":g no anoctyne. 7th.- Itis asure relief for adt.Its and children ffected with Worms and Pin Wormd lt will brmg away the worms rlfoStítptaSSl'1" PIIe"and Hamor' úíüL' i W''i CUre Constiparon and licep the bowls regular, lt will also cure the worst case ofSummerComplalntnml Dy senté ry. lOth. - It vill cure Sour Stomach. Stlmulate the Llver to fcèalthy actiun Kelieve He a rt-Bu rn and act as a general Regulator of the system. When taken dilute the dose with Sugar and Water to a Win e-CI ass fu 1 1 and ycu havea plensant tonio. Wmtt esey (Dysyepsia Cure) $ilOO per bottle. Whitt esey Agüe Cure 50c. per bottle. Whittlesey Cough Granules 2,c. per bottle. ' Sold by all druggists and warranted. Whittleaey Prop. Mcd. Co., Toloio, 0., IËËI Eío"d fr Beast.-Fresh Woiinds, Galle. Poli W n'l r iT"8 B16es' Cracked Heelsning Bou" Wmd Galls, Spavms, Swecnev, Founder Lamei ice1 ; feworpf Chemütry and MuthematicB tathe CTMmt Liberal Insntute, of Oneida Connty N Y ínexDcri tonitmg the indepenüent gascous bódie of which tí ! hfflfhiS .Wnuin was left, which, on bè 2 n! Sromfrt í VWa9"11(1 U) !OS8C88 the remarkable ' property of down and carrying off the inflam. tuali,,n and eoreness at once, and rerfortoa the parta I o'rir'riïa!'ionS ia a íew Jioure without pain bTtíÜJH&L " fc-ntlne, UBIment, bnt acts ty lts peculiar enecific or chcmicíil qualities taisBolyjng and cattering the soreneee and intiammation of the injnred part By a f ree application, the red euiface booh becomes cool, moiet and natural, and is destru'cti ataral hea'ta without Buppuraüou or í r,,A ? l;l"lmnt Tr Horma Fleab, fortha Price 25 & 50 cents per bottle. , D. EAIÍSOM, SON & CO., Propr's, BIIFFALO, K. Y. See notico ín local column. CK'SWINE OPTAR álO Y'EARS PUBLIC TCr 11:ís proved álr. CJrook's WINE j1 trtr Ailwi Hw vi jl .lo ïiavc more &L3gM$sML3iL siisii'ar prejearii $inPfflïïm lioii vr oliei'Cd tlie public Tt i ricli in Uie medicinal qfinliitiesoi'Tar. and uneqoaled lor dfaieasea of' the TIu-osU and lííiiiji's, performicg tlm mutt remark able cures. Coïighs, Colilis, C'Iironic Couglu. It effeclnally cnref them all. Aísíliiiij tuid lïroJieliUük Hm cu red so many ,-ííúíu casus ii has been prop) noiinced a specifio fol these complaint. ï'or patns in Breast, Side ot Buck, GraVel or Ifidiiey Disease, Diseases of the Urimiry ürans, Juundice or iiiy Liver Complaiut, It hns noequal. It is also a superior Touic, Itcstorcs tii e Apyetite, Strengtlions tlio System, llcstores üie Weak and Pebilitated, Canses the Food to Digest, Ileiiiovcs Dispepsia and Indigestión, Prevents Malarlous Fayers, Oives tone to tíystein. . JFor Scronila, ScrofJ, ulosis Discus es of iV " Kyes, or Scrofujsrj Any (iisease or emption #2 of the Skin, disease of the jga -' Liver, Rheumatism, Piin?L-$ ples,Old Sores,Ulcere,BrokO1 J3l en-down Constitu t i on a, Ok " Syi)hiIis w any disease dej pend ing on a depraved confSê&jgl dition of the blood, try f POKE ROOT. 'TJ It hnsthe metiicinal prop%H(y erty of J'okecombined with jljrs prepa'ration oflronwhich goes at once into the blood, Jfá perforniing the most rapid ■f and wonderftil cures. Ask your Drnggist for lr. Crook'i Oompound Syrnp of Poke Koot- tak and be healad. AAV GÜMMER & SHAEPENEE. A CHEAP, simple, ank duraWo Machine- enaily iperated and ruiming Whecla fruin Sx '.. indita to 2 1 inch. Price of Machiné, $15 la with bovellcil, demMe bovelled aii!roicl o SÍ3.1S tu $7 .3f, uooording to IhiokV:;ï- Heaviet S7O und $9O. runniuS . 1kjoIp np to L'-i niches in di.imeler. l'sr illustratud Pamphlets or Photojmph, adfflOM THE TAJÍITE CO., H13mo Stroïidsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. '


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