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"=" ' POTAJftPUBUc!f AMO ----- i ■-. GENCRAL 1 H CQNVEYANCER ÉtZJu" li!i!illi!lili;i''j!jv: J ■:iHll!lllliiiilil-i; " "j OUK AB8TRACÍ BOOKSÍ Vs partlnlly indictted abovo, tc aow ;,„n,, V"y!" , courtenscd „r ,o.'if-li'utf 'KU neW chtxia:l of Inslaáce, AÜDITOE GENERAL'S DEEDS, Knoivn ns Tax-Tiilos, wMoh ure yery numeröila iattaia Oounty, _ Decrees, Contracts, Deels ! ■WILLS, ScC, Alsn,aöw aa wellns all of the oíd nndtaehnrJeí Mort,(?u!;e8 as far back M 1824- which are ] i ernonstaiáztitle n mortg-affes ,mrl lifns wfil r.-""■" '""'t rax-TitleaD(othf DoUaternl ire pot tonnd in tha iwaal n the BegiatWs office. The booka or Urteri ;r; "il.liegmtcr 8 office Uve hecvmujiu iuint.i-ou.,..ui inems tht lonir tiina ia necussarih riiii-c:l ,.v.-n to irmke a bml7 and nnrellnblc search. Witli om ties we sayto the public that we c raülft and mie IHstory, make Deert, Morte(fs, Assianment, Discharges, n., s correctiy, (oirkei aud in botter slyli:thanany. alui duin fn the Couaty. Ut MO2STBT TO LO Aï ! On Boud und Kortgage c n long time. REAL ESTÁTE Solil or exchanged. HO.tTSKff TO'B.'EÑT S3 actet chiscr10 'he üb8ervator5' for s"le Q lots to (uit purROOT & LEITER, Real Kstato Agents, No. 1. Gregory Rlock, Tbacy W. Hora, ,iud oppobite the Post office. Charles A. Li;iteh. 14Iiitf .WISHÁRT'S JPUSTE TREE tas timu ! NATüIiE'S GREAT REMEDY FOK THE TIIKOAT AND LUJVGS. It Li pratifying to ns lo lnform the public thsit ])r Q. U. W'irtiarVa l'ine Tice TsíCorRiái; Cor Thmnt and Lang niseaces. has L'ained an euvtnble rcputnUoii froin Ule Atlantic to Lite Paclfle coast, íüd (roa thence to sumo o: the first fimlies of Europa, not t rosgh the presa alone, bat by persons throngi 'iit thc Stntes actunlly Iwocflted aml cured al his ofHce. While hepnbliahe losa, so payonr repos terp, he is usable to f upply the demand. It g,únB aud helda i tri reputation - lirs!. Not bj -toppjng congh, bnt by loosenlDJ an gílellng notare to throw off the uiihealthy matter d obont thethroiit ;intl bronciiini tabes tvhti li cavaa n itation . SecoDíl. Itrcraovcs !)ie canics oí rriwtion (wiiich i.roduoca coajrhj of the m'n :ous m ni! rime ard bronchial tab', nsists (!,,■ Ijti , ,,.-■ ,i,r w ,,,-f the nnhealthy sécréttous. an , púrifift, the biood. '!hird Ir i' ' tr i.i sm,n lobclia, ipecacand ■ouip-.i-,. i, i-iii.:!i ill.iy vir.n'h 'inlv. and dia jrgnnize 'he ctnnií.c!i. Tf lius i sootliiiiR effect on tbs stom tii, actt on the I Ter and kidneye, indly'm liathic and n rvoaii repons, thun n-achlng to every part of the systaio, and In Ita lovlgoratj); and puri'ying eflitsit haigiiiod o rcpnt-ilion which it must hold ab'uve all otliers ii ihu 1.1,11 1 NOTICE. FHEPINE TREE TAR CORDIAL, GKEATAMSRICAN DISPEPSIA PILLS. AND WtfRM SÜGAR DROPS Beingnndertny immediaate direciion, tliey shal uotloose thuir curativa qualitics by the ute oi eheiip and unpnre artlcïee, HENItY R. WISHART, l'KOH RIE'JÜB. FREE OF CHARGE. Dr. h. Q O. Wlahart's OSce Parlón aro open on Momlsys, TmiMl.iys and Wprlm-silaya from f A. M to 5 I'. M., for ooiiMiltatiiin by Dr. (Ta T. Hagec. Wlth him ara aaaoolatad twn conmltlng physldane of aekncwledced abilftj. Thlêopportunlty iu uot offered by any other iustitution in tbs city. All letters niiiM bc aitrtrewstMl to L. Q. WISHART, M. 1)., JVo. 232 IV. feeoud 8t., PHILADELPHIA. 14US1H6 nnilE GHEAPKST HOUSE IN 'IliE- - - CITY OF AN3Ï AIlttOR ! H. COHEN DEALER IN ]VTillinery) &o. We Sell for Cash Only. H13tf 3 3 SOIITII MAIN STREET. A Rare Ohance TO LET. A largo and modero new Grocerjr =tnrc in linchor. Bloctc, bctro t Street, Undoubtedly the best locatlon in that part of the city for snid ImBinoss. A cor.d . lure ccllnr nml ncw liarn attarhcd to the proraisi's ' The ront is JMiO yearly, to l)e taken in grocerica lor my fiimll.v use. Alü" b fine now Mcat Market, nll rompióte, joinin" my IHok, wit.h mn.1cn] tmpr.vemeDta, mrl le tal le &c, UfRB now smokc botue, large brlck clatern nrul collnr new bnrii :mr] nll ready for nsn, wiili three ! liirinJy rooöla rtbnve,. Store rrnts tor S-5U jearly ; taken in ïnct IVr rny ffimilv Ahn a srnall sturu in my bl-,;ck, honsoa, rooms. c, to let. KOR SALE.- Three eoa Urge, carriage or farm hrc?, one fine new carrtas-e, bug2ie8,wagon3,larminj; tools. Also tbrec good cowr 14GOtf InqoireofL. H.BÜCHOZ. ■


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