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■Mia nrtr.T„. Mortgage Sale. A' 'J t Chirlo. Í' , m taistrator of tl,e estatlof o i.i ütdau, ' f """-■■■' !"" cwi'y f ... Kaw ia l F ft-ir mvlbyl„w.„n.]; ,!,„,,",,: dollars as pronded m s,üd mowgLe 'I „ , ï )'"fiv CHKI8TIAÑ )U('[(n,j Atlüiney lm AMgam. ' M Mortgügê iSaïê ' " Miohtean, on the twenty-dghu " dïy Óf VV"8" ■UW i!liÜ and being ,u townslnp f„„r (4, ?outh { ' ''i W east, ,ü public venüue tg the higWt Md 'ÍS AttornCyfrM(8aBee. HiJfa"1 Mortgage Sale. 1"JEFAT'LT lmving been made in tbe conaitioi, „( in liber 48 of moitgage, on page 224 whirh mm gage was, on the 28th day of'lfareh, I „,"? ,.gned by the ?aid Sidnej Calkto. to Lo,to ïiC which Mid atógnment was recorded in 811id I5 Oftce on tl 2Oth day „f Mrch, . D. IS 3,"nglXr ol mortgage on paffe 675 : Thtre is elamed o b! Ju6 and unp„id on said mortmwe, at the datehertof tv ; i " MslUes n "omey's fee of turn n'! " ltP2f 8tiP"ltl n said mortI: p?. anl no proceedmgs either at law or eonitr liavingbeeninstituted to recover the same o?., part tfiereof : Notiee febenrhy giren that b, iiitïï of the power of sale in suld morfgage cont.fil , jhÜ on X uesday the second dny of September I i. 878, at one o'clock in the afternoon of th.t dir A, ""Vi'1" ?Srv"f 'heC' Hese in the dl, 5 Aun i Albor, V, ashtenaw County, Michigan (that w mg the place of holding the Circuit Court in an, fm said county), sell at public auction, to the higl, ; bidder , describtd in said mortg.ïW satisfy the aniount of principal and interest alovi ; c laimcd u due, ith the charges of such lef md ateo .an attornej fee of live dollars as st m]. msadMttp,,, ;,low.t: The west half ofthï tolkmiDg dejeribed tand sitúate in the township of ri'i','",)1' 'f "i' ï'ichipan, commen. np 011 the eart nnd west quarter line of section four [4] m township three [3] south of range seven Cl i-ni V '" V'vcerl,ler ?f the ï'ihway leedtal out of il, Mllat-eof ps,lanti ou the east side of the Huren Bner: thenceiunningeast along the said qubtW links to the southeastjeorner of said qiwrtcr sectiw liom thrace north on the line of said quarto wction thenw twdve [,2] hain. and flfleln ai links to o take from whir.h a red "ak tree ten rmi inches in diameter lpnning soiith Ml west Ihirfy fii lmk , nnd a red oik thirtecn [13] inchea ir. fliametfi , e! forty four rJ links ; thence north 84 west tweuty-onc [21] chaina and tbírly-tine [S9] links to the center of the flrst mentioiied hisriway lo a stake from which an KnRlish Clierry six T6] inches in ciimtl ferl1""s"Ortn'y-ree[t2i] west, taythreo [4.11 link, ml n loenst tree three [3] inches in diameter north 33 west sixtyeight r6] link ; thenfs nine [9] degren west. along the wntor of said Inighwiiy, flfteen [IS] chains nnd ninetecn [191 links [ to the jiliiee of beeinninir, contninini; in all tliiitv and 'O-I n of nn ncre of land, renerving" from the libtire flescripüon Ihree [3] „cíes from the north end deeiicd to.Tohn Millet by Eber Pattee, also reserving lols numLered one. [I]. two [2], three [3]. lour [4] seren m, urht [9], nihe [9]. ten [10]. and eleven [11], of Pattee s ,-irMition to Hip city of Ypgilanti Dated, June 6th, 1S73. Gioege L. Bachman, AH'y for Assignet. Estáte of Ellis Bullock. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, n. J .Nt.iir. is herehy ffiven, tliat by n order of tlie Pro. bate Court fur the. County of M ashtenaw, made on the fourth day of .Hiñe, A .T). 1873. six monlli Irom thatdate weie allo-ned fc.r creditors to pmnt their clnims agaioat the estáte of üllis Bullock, late of said county, deceased, and tliat all cieditors of naid deoeaeed required to present tlioir chiims to said 1 róbate Court, at the Probate (ifhce, in the City of ínn Arbor. for examination and allowance on or beforo rhefmirthduy ofDfcember next, and that snchl claims wij] be henrd before said I'robate Court, on "nsday, the fourth dny of September, and on ihiirsduy, the fourth day of Deeimber next, at ten ) Cipo in the foronoon of enoh of those diiya. Pated, Ann Arbor, June 4th, A.D 1873 M'AIIW. CUEEVER, '■2S''4 Juilge of Probate. THE BABCOCK HOOK & LADDER TRUCKS Eciuipppd witb Bnbrock Kire Erttinguishcrs, Extensión and Söaling Ladders, Grapplinff Hooks an3 Chaina, Buckets, Lantén, Pike i'ole, Pike Axes, &c, &c, wciiiing les imn l.jioo lbs.; eneilv handled, handsomely fiuislicd, ahd afTffVt the greatest protection ut leas expense than any truck in the niaiket, . lust wliat every i'ire Department wants. Ths Bab:ock 1 ire Engines and -Fire ExtijiBuishcrs are saving iluable preperty all over the country. Send for ;heir record. E. T. BARNtnn, en. Agent, lis Woodward Ave., DetroitMunnfactnrer of Iron, Cpper and JirasH Wirp, Vire Clolh, Bolting Cloth, Bnrr Mili StoneB, Broom Vir" und Tvrine, Copper VVeather Vanee, Win) "ïountpr Railirjiï. Wiro JTecciiii: aod Ornamental ,Vire Worlt. MWjÜI ' JOHN FEED. BROSS, MANFFACTUBEB OP ARRIACES, BIMÍIES. L1.1IBER WA6OH8 M'IÏIV). II 1OS, ('ITÏEKS, SLEIOHSt ttt. All worlï warranted of the beBt materinl. R.epairifrdone piompfcly and reasonably. All work wnrmt'd to give perfect BaLijfaction. 68 outh Mia reHt. 142J TOEE TO RENT ! Corner of Wajhington and 3Iain sirjsts. I.are. nvenient and one of the best lociiticniin the tysssesiiion given iinmediately. Inquire of HEKION & StrjINEH. Aon tibor, May 10, 187}. 14MM


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