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The Purest Pearl

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Beside the church door,.a-weary and lone, A biind woman sat on the cold door stone ; The wind was bitter, the snow feil fast, .nl ■ mockiiiK voice in litful blast Seemed ever to echo her moamng cry, As shr l.egged her alms of the passers-by : "Have pity on me, have pity I pray My back is beut and my hair is gray. The hells were rinfrinï the hourof prayer, And many good peoj la were gnfiered there; But ooveied with furs and manilos warm, ïhey lmrried past through the wmtry storm. ■ Some wcre hoping thoir souls to snve, And scim were thinking of death and the grave, And alus I they had no timeto heed The poor soul'asking for charity's meed. And some were blooming with beauty 3 grace, Hut clo elv mnffied in vcils of lace : They s:tw "not the sorrow and heard not tlie moan üi her who sat on the cold door stoue. At last came one of a noble name, By the citv counted the wealthiest dame, And the pearla thst o'er her neck were struug She proudly there to the beggnr flmiL'. Tlien followed a maulen young and iair, Adorned with clusters of polden ''air; But her ilress m thin, and scanty, ancl worn, ni even the bBgtjar teemed more forlorn. With a tearlul look, and a pitying Bign, She whispered soft, " No jewels have I- Bnt I frive you my prnyers, ?ood fnend, said she, "And surely I knbw God listeus to me. On the poor white hand, so shrunken and small, Tlie blind woman feit S tear-drop fall, Then kissed it and said to the weeping pA " It is you who have given the purest pearl.


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