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My Old Woman And I

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We have crossed the bridge o'er the middle of lif e, My old woman and I, Taking our share in the calm and the strife, With the travelers passing by, And though on ourpathway the shadows are rife, There's a hght in the Western sky. Some losses and crosses of course, we've had, My old woman I ; But, bless you, we never found time to be sad, And a very good reason why, - We were busy as bees, and we weren't so raad As to stop iii our work to cry. On our changeable road as we journeyed along, My dld woman and I, The kindly companions we niet in the throng, Made our lives like a visiĆ³n ny, And therefore the few that imagined ue wrong, Scarcely cost us a single sigh. The weak and the weary we've striven to cheer, My old woman and I ; For each of us'thought that our duty while lieve, Was to do as we'd be done by, In the hope to exhibit a balance clear, When the record day is nigh.


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