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Protection From Bird Depredations

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and fruits frora the birds is simply a ball of whity brown linen thread. I take a ball of this inmy hand, fasten the end of it toone of tho twigs of thegooseberry or currant bush, and then cross the thread baokward froin twig to twig ia perhaps a dozen different directions, fasten off and the thing is done ; and it will last two years, - the thread on the trees, I mean. It is not necessary the thread should be whito or ooarse ; it ought rather to be finfi and dark,- a thing to be feit, not seen. I have watched the birds after the operation; they come boldly to settle on the trees, and they strike against these, to them invisible snares, for such no doubt they deern them to be '. they fly off in a terrible hurry and settlo on the walls ftud trees around about, longing and getting hungry, till at last they disappear, and you wil see them no moro. As regards peas and other seeds which I always sow in drills, I sirnply stretch a thread, sometinies two, along each drill at about two inches from the ground, supportiiiR it at that height by a little forked stick. If you put it much higher than this the birds do not secm to care for it, it does not touch them ; that is the grand secret, soniething they do not well see, nor know what it uioans. - Corres. London Field. I - II' - - - A quaint oíd gentleman, of an active, stirring disposition, had a man at work in his garden who was quite the reverse. " Jones." said he " did you ever seo a snail 'i " " Certainly," said Jones. " Then said Üie oíd man " you must have mot him, for you could never have overtaken hiui." An oíd Scotch lady had an evening party, where there was a young man present who was to leave for an appomtrnentin China. Ashc was exceeding'.y extravagant in his conversation about hiinself, tho old lady said, when ho was leaving : " Takt) care o' yoursel' when ye aro awa' ; for, uiiud ye, thoy eat puppiei iu Ohiu."


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