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Mcmahon Frees His Mind

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New Yokk, July 14.- President MaeMabou in conversation wift a correspondent, says : " The real govetiiment of the country is now vusted in the ininistry, und 1 ain tiiuily convineud that tlio oiijy chango wliich it wil] introducá iuto the ropublic will bü tu cany out, the programmo whieh the late govornmeiit provud itsejt ïnunpable of dohig. We are not 60 inipolitio to tttke uny steps similar to thoso taken by tl] e empire, but everything that eau bo done to insure the 1 ope s safety and tho necessary liberMes of all shall be done. It is direetly againstthe iaterests of Italy to expel the iopo froin Lis douiiaions, for wnc be obliged to take refiigo in a foreign country, the Cntholics of all tho worid would umte in orying shame !" against lt.Uy und puhhe opmion would bo exeited agamst Italy to auch au extent that not on y would our interforeuctj beoome comiilsory but it might also beoouio the Mgnal for a European wav, Éroui which Italy has httle to hope and overythiug to iuar. Aocepting the pwsidenpy I did not look iuto the future, but only to theright und lef t of me, where I saw uion of i:Zry bhiidu of politioal opinión, readv each otter to pieceg, und lead a crowd of igaorant ud naive electora Lo do as iiiucli. rhu neoesüir oí saving thoarmy our only h.Qpe fot tl,u muintenaaca of oui couutry 11. the place to whiüh it belones out ot thU hiáeoua scramble fon power und pjoflt, was the pppermoat thought of my wind when the offer to the preoidency was made to uio. Frenoli líberty ouíht to be the aim of every true Ftenohman Ibera is no reason why the present regnne ni íts ameáded oonstitutional fonu vfith the inilitary and an exeoutivé who Kliould reixn over tBë countrv „„a ,.i„ owr the wmy should uot beeonws estubhhhod in Erarte When tbe f wordt, "Empire'-1 and " lpublie" beoome Bynoiiymous with djscijline, evory citizan a soldier, and overy soldier tbe Bervant of the Hupublio, tliure will be as Httle strift) aud wiangling ia tho country us to who shull be ministor, ag there is at prewnt as to who bhall be Marshal." Beports from all sections of Virginia ropreaeut the nat erop the finest in tho State fW many yeavg. Wbeat g harve8t. ed, and.will hardlyyield an averagocron. Copious iMus have been general thrcughout the Stata for the past two weeks, acd the corn erop is very prouiising.


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