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The New Law Of Congress Provides

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ui at uiémbers who Uafi uficates uf eleci tary or Olurk, and in b contest, may - eii compon I o monthjy írom thi i ■ ti. r tena tul tbi beginning ol ol ou i'es ' 1 1.: . ■ I 01 ty-third Congress íioiti Ihe -ítli (iay ut' MiMieh Uut until tlie firsl Mouday in Duoeraber um. Uudur this Air. W'j.ium,, of .■!.,..,., latélj .!■■■ ceased, whs entitlod tu draw and muy Iítq drawu, foui' iiiontbs' pay or $2,500, to Him which he buil uot, givon the laboi of an hour to tlio discharge uf uy logiti:uHi: (luly devolved uyon liiiu by his I m. 11' !iu had uot at the time oi hig duath drawn the wholoor auy portion of llie suin nauied his iieirs have a legal üluiai upan the treosury f'or tho aiuouut uudrawn, be it moro or less. And uow cornos tlio Boston Juurnal with the suggostion tbat " tlio ' term' of Mr. AYjw n.;'. Boncesgor would of courae be Uit ïaii;i: s Mi'. Wiujr.Nü's, tbat is beginniag oy ihtj 4th of March last," followed by thu quury, could Jxe, theu, j draw tliu i'ull pay froin tliat üuie '(" Beiug a Eepnblicau-rrfts lio j)iobably will, and of the BüTLEK Laok-aotion-salary s(rix - lie will likuly show no hesitation in daling liis cUim back, and in fou oi' réci i.t g-, ings uu at Washington may uxporionco littlü diftiüulty iu getting Lis üiaim allowod, with tiiat ,5ÜÜ uuearnt.d, bul appropnated by Lis Lis suooossor r joint " trui"-hülaov uui'uro Lis de. liui, wc uro not prepared to couiur in tho corioctncss of tho JournaVs CDncuusion that tho toxm of Mr. WhiTt ixc's suoecssor will, " of ooLirse, bo the samo wilh Mr. Wuitikg's," and datu back to tho Ith of March. Ho will be tod tp fiü a vacanoy, and not í'nr a full term, and that vanancy eau in uo way equitably orlogally buuiade to antedato the day of Mr. WlIITINa's death, and ought not lo aute-dute the day of his eleetion. But then equity is a strenge god at Washington, and tbc law ia conslrued to mout tlio purposos of the powers tlaat he, so tbat Mr. 'Whitlm.'s sucoessor may succeed in grabbing backpay, and enrol himself as a fit assooiato of the illustriona Balaryrgrabbers of tho late Congross, tuany of them haviug alroady been re-elocted. " WHO are responsible ? aslís the Jackson Citizen (pen or Ecissors, which?); and then proceeding to answor its own question, tho Democratie luhiorily in thu latt Congress is saddled with the respon sibility of the odious inoreasc-of-salarvand-bact-páy legislatiori, lis figures irèverthuless show that taking the Seöate nuil Houso toyether tliirteun moro liepublicaus than Demócrata voted for the steaï- or 74 : blircaris and 61 Detooorate. It mattere not that moro Eepublicans tliau Detnoorats voted agaiust tbe bill. The majority is by custom aml right held responsible for the action of any -[ body, and tho responsibility cannot be evaded cveu tüough the minority vuto ás a unit. Büsidcs, the figures of the Cuiten (pen or scissors V) show a mujority for the bill of but 9 in the SenatG and 2 in the House ; and its figures should ehow, out don't, that G Kepublican Senators and 23 Represen tatives witheid their votes, which is precisely equivalent to voting for the bill, tho Ooustitution unfortunately not reqúiríng a bill to be voted for by a majority of all tho members eiect. In Congress a süunt or absent niomber praeticaily votes for a bill, in our Legislaturo against. Again, tlio Cüizen (peu or sciaBors ?) ïuakes 13 Democratie Senators vote for the bill of abominationg and 5 against, or 18 in all. Now the Michigan Almantafor 1873 - Kcpublican authority - puts tho errtite number of Democratie Hunatoxs in tho Furty-sucond Congress at 17 : and if our mernory is not decidedly at fault somo of them were sliirking Sunatora. It was Huraoe Bigelow who ad dressed the musician of the recruiting squad in tho time of the war with Mes ico : " Fife away you fifing fuller, You'll iiavo 1o flfe till you are yellcr, 'Para you gut a holt ei me." And the Citken statistieian will get fully as "yeller" before it will euccofd in exculpatiug tho Espublloan party for uil orany of tho outrageouslegislation of the lato Congress. Tiie Supremo Cuurt oí' thi3 State stands firin, despito Uip threats coutmually diuged in the eara of ite judges that ílioir decisión agaiust tho cofctitutionality of railroad aid Jcgislation, and tliat the townsbip and city aid bouds issued in punsuance thereof un, ooo#3qjiently illegBl, will be reversed by the Buprawe Oqurt of the Uuited States. In a 'case against tlio city of Port Hurón, cUeided a few days ago, Juflge CpOLEY, speaking for the Cuuit and referring to tliu Balein case and the caso against thu Stata Treasmur, said : " Wo have held in these cabes "that on the fundamental principies un"derlyiug the taxing power, and also " upou speciflo provisioua oí' Üio State ' cunstitution, suck k-gislation is void. "Theonly poiut hore presentad, tben, ia "wliutljLj-, wheu u tunicipal oorporation "issues ita obligu,tiuna without authority " of law, lbo faot ILat it ivcoívüs in ex"oli.iugo thiiivlor, the obligatione oí' the "party tu whüm tlicy are iasued can "uiake valid tlie utiauthorizod obligation "of the city." .The Court huid that if the city hud reotived boode froiu tho railrond, or evuu any paymunt ou such bonds (whicii it had not), it could not retain such payí menta and refuse to pay its own boudg, but that kucIi palmenta to the city would not makü iUegal and void bond8 legal. The details of auolher destructivo iire at Grand Rápida wilt be found in another column. The total Ion, according to the latest figures, suj'jmsed to be iull and ruliable, was 4#7,975, the rnsuranca aggregating $1j2,1ö3. This would shuw a mi loss- ii the insui'anca ia evciily disti'ibuted- of $24,302, a, faTorablo ehowing for tbe loeses if tho insuranco is aJl pood. - On Mouday, the bain of Hun. C. C. Comsxociv, of Gran.l Eapids, was struck by ligljtuinfr, and burnod with its contents. Sevoral othtr bniidiugs -were etruok aud seriously dainaged. Kegrops are not permitted to sit nt the first tablo at any of the first-class hotels at Saratoga.


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