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Horrible Murder

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PlIlLADEi.nuA, Pa., July 14.- A most horrible murder, almost ejualing the West Farm tragod y in Dover, 1,J., luis just come to light. Jénnerville is situated in JYmi Towuship, Chester C'.mntv, oiítí milo uörth of tha line of the 1! iltiiiiüre Central Railrokd'. Ou the -'ÏOth of Juno last, a Btrange man artived at the hotel of the vfllage and took up his quarters, sayjng lie carne from Baltimore and was an agent, but gave ï.u name. Il was in appearauoe a young man, probably not 30, with l)lack wliiskers. On the t'olluwiiig day n toaui driven by "m. I1'. Udderzuok stopped at the tavem and the agent and Udderzook tdtk a ride. ïhey went away toguther. Tha te,un had beeu hired by Udderzook at jparkesburg, ai.d wheii he teturned it in the eveaing the pocspu wlio took oKarge of il rouiarked tkere was blood on the wagon. Udderzook made a plausible explanation of. the oiroumstance and iiumediately Ioft tha neighborliood. Tho strauge tuan was never aíterward seen aüve. Ou Fnday last a luj-ge number of buzarás were noticed hovering about a woud off jS'bwport and ümy's Pikt-, bciwt ju üoohranvillu umi Peuningtonville. An iiivestigation showud tlie head aud trunk oi' a man, and tho anus umi logs detached, whioh. were recogoized us the body of a gtrangeï who had been stopping at Jeniierville. A#oroner'a jury was ioipamielad and n. bealed verdict given. Tho murdered man was stabbed in thrco or four placos, his tb roa t out and botli arma and lu's were severed close to the bociy. IJndeizook emnot be furnia. He if, ar wa until lrttely, on the liii'.imore pólice forcé. IJo is young and has rod whiskers. The pbjoijt of murder uuijuestionaljly was pluiider. No wero i'ound except a p:ür of Bhoos. Il is reported tliat tlio man was known to nave cousideru.blo mcmey uu lii.s person. Ibe serered limbs were buried iu a separate spot from the body, and nul far froui the housu of ouo Khodes, brolher-inlaw of tlio supposed murderur. A dispatofa i'rora Washington says " ïhe luw abulishing tlio frauking privilege having into effeotj the severa! departiiients havedetailed men especially to attacli stiimps to ofiieial dooumeuts, all uf which preTiqusly lo lio weighed, b;ilanoea tbr tbeae purposes being sujplied to all bureaus and divisiuiis. ]Five cl er k 8 are now affix stampa to dep't letter mail eaeh dav. a clerk fonnprlv liiiviiig boen Buffieieut for franking," ii is quite a questiou whether the abolitiou of the franking privilege ior dapar tinent business, doen nut entail a largely increaed expense upo&tbe govornnient, iusteud of bfiug a saviirg. A dispatoh froin Portland) Oregon, says the Oonimissimii'is of the Northern Pacific litiilway liuVo deoided to inuke tliu 7est,Tn terminas at 1acouia, WusLiugton Territory. The Iüssoos of the piiWio works of Ohio met at Colu'.nbus on Toesday, and re solved to proceed at ouco to put the Hocking Canal in repair. Tiie diiniuge to this f'ünal by the late i'reshet weS over Y50,000.


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