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TOB BENT! A FIRST-CLASS KNABE PIANO ! Inquire at the Husic Store of J. . SAGE & SOIV. Ann Arbor, July 14, 1873. ltóSwi JPAEM AT AtJCTION! I rtue of nntliori'y to mn tivcn 1y power of n( ijr. Miled fcyall ihoae owning ifaterota i the i l-nrm, nii.i by nu order h-om the Uou. Jud" of Probate lor tlie Connty of Wahtpnw, 1 will se]] at l'ublic Auction, ou hu premise, on tlie 13tb ï.iy of August JNext, I p. (., (he Winsiow Farm situated on m 28, io I he Toralirp tt imi, 1 V milessouiliLima r,.„,, -. Winhtcnaw County, Micbsan containing l'v; „, ,-,,. About 138 agres improvcd' th balance wel] timbcred. 8id t'avm hou eotufortaWe biiildinps, a plpntv of alj kinds ol l'ru t, and wutered by a uevi-r-tMiiuie broo and a (ïoód wdl. and is under a kooJ tuteo cultiyiition. Tl. cromen inoumbriimes on thopaim auil tliu titlo ia perfect ' TEUMS OF SaLE: One quarter cash down, and tlie balance in 3 or 4 innunl payment, with annnal iniciesi at 7 ,8eoure4by no and mortnge. p,yblet tbe Aim, libor Savings Bank, AnnArbor, Uich for furthr partioulara, eull upon or addreu me at Aun Arbor, Miel). I !L KI,í. CAITE, Ann Arbor, .luly U. l7 3. 135 Afimii,i3'rHtor. mCHIfcUH CE3ÍTBAI KAILUOAD. SÜMJIEIt TIMU TA BLE. Passenger traínenow lea ve the sevtral Btuü GOING WE&T. é I 8 i m STATIONS. J W S S : iL-jL-iLJ.1 íL 5 y , .. , ■ M I'. M. Í'. M. P. M l' M Detroit, leave, 7 00 9 40 1 4N ' 5 4i) i.i i fpsilanti, a o. ,„ ,, ., ,- 6 M , Am, Albor, e SS 11 00 8 18 .5 5.1 7 11 43 Dwei. 9 - 8 M 6 25: 8 1); _ 0 ;" 4 o! 8 30 ■"ko. 4 35' 10Oi„ l 16 W U 6 09 li M i oó y. tí. p. m. A. m KiiInmuzoO, 2 55 S 20, 12 95 QiUTlTt, s IS 8 (Xl_ 6 3o 8 00 i UOlWq BAST. & u íU i Á I [l.iliíll!lii Chicago, leíive, 500 9 00 515 a 00 ... T". M. A. M. A. M.l Kíilainuzoo, 11 15 2 88 f 00 2 15I '"son, 2 30, 4 15 8 00 12 30 4 45 arasBLat, 2 ha s 32 I 3 24j 8 68 A „ Dexter, S 10 8 2u ' 6 20 Ali" Wbca, 4 OS S 19 9 .'.(1 1 56 (i 00 6 5S peilanti, .1 25 :, 86 K iir. s 1; c '0 7 20 I H.'ii...ri;vc-, , 50. C 40 11 20 3 30 7 25 8 4& Tlie AH.mlir; „,nl PaeUc Kxpresa rua between Jackaonniid Nlleaon the Air Llue. Datêd, May 26. 187.-! DETEOIT, 1IILLSDALE & INDIAXA RAUJiOAl). . "O'"" ""T. -1873GOIKO EAST. stations, lliied. MaU.1 stations. Muil. Mix. A. M. 1 M. a. X, P. M. Detroit, dep... 4:05 ! B.inkere 015 1-35 Vpsilanti f:00 6:38 Hillsdole (,-27 ":ls Sline B;07 8:20 Mnohester..„ 27 ;,:r,7 Mnnchcster.... 7:28 7: S Saline fclj 7-ls nillsdiüe 11:12 9:0S V,M]„nti 0:45 8:20 il.ü ;.: 5 ivi,,,;, n-Jg Tialoa run by Chioogro lini,-. F. PAUKKli, Sup't, Ypailnti. IVOTICEI ' Camo into tïip premifes uf tlie subscribir on the 7th rnneíaiat, A DLACK MARE ( OLT. ohouf I " feiirsoldt tvowbitehindfeif nnd sfar in forerhe owner ia raquested to proTa pruperty, pay cbnrp s, Hnd T„k" suid -,ilt awuy. lior, .lnly 7, 1S73. A. C. KOOT. CT TOBE ÏO REIST! 0 W ,!shi;)L'(oi! nn1 M.-mi pfrerts. fjAfgè, tenl umi oneof the beat LocatioDsia the oicy. 1 os ' umediateh . biqnire of HENIOK & 8UMKEB. Arm Albur, .May 10, 1873. HJGU' MUS. H. J. 1ÍILTON, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON,! Office and Residence No. 88 Ann Street, cori: tngalls, Aun Jt-bor, Mtch. VT$ Office huurf - 8 t.) 10 a ii., and 2 to 4 p. M."53I Biferenc(t-tXOT. . t. PuiZB. lyl 9'J IW ipW clasies of werking pi oplc, of I eithtr sex, fobff or old. make more money at workibrusln thelr spare moments or all the time, thau at anything eloct riiirularb tree, AJdreas Cr. Stiueoa & Cu I'ortliuid, Maiua 1 I Wl I JL B. mtiLEY, Fnccessor to roLGROË 4 SO. Al Tw je IN COOK'S NEW HOTEL, No, 12 E. HUR0# STREET, DEALER ÍH ORttiS, WElriSE8, 8tK4L nsTtttlttEKTS, 1'IRE WISES 1SD tlqtORs, tFCR MBDÍCAl PURPOSES OIJLT.) ■■1 _. jjincy oods, Perhimery paiiïxs, oii.s, VARNISilËS, GtASS AN P17TTY, PBTSKJIAIS1 PBESCRIPTÍOXS Carefally compounded at al] hour. PEOPOSE NOT TO BE UNDERSOLD BY ANY FIRM IN THE CITY WHO FURNISH AS GOOD AN ARTICLE. PODGE'SÍATENT " REAPER & MOWER ANJ) SELF-RAKE! J. A. POLHEMUS] lina nrain recoived liis ïisual supply of the at ( elebrated Machines, wliipli he is prppared to furnisk to,;vi;iy farmer ia VVashteuaw or Juckson Couotiti who want A FIRST CLASS MACHINE. Ho is als ■ prepared to fumish all extras fortui LIVERY 8TABLE OF J. A. POLHEMUS & S05, Cor. .Main and Cathcrine Streelt, Whero muy be found the most eitemive outfit o Horses and Carriages In the city, connected with which i a HACK, BUS AND BA66A6E WAGON XjINE, Keady to flll orders at ;iïl times. Spcial attentiol given to i'uriiisliing iioitsr: aso cakimages fou fiserals, Ann Arbor, May 23, 1S73. U27tf Goldsmiili's Bryant & Stratton BUSINESS UNIVJBRSITY. liusiness procticallj taught nfter (he countinghouM ïystem. Hooks and bngijten xipers are TrrittcD up rom trausuctionft artgimitüig from dojng bnsinea wilh the varioua BuMness Honaea, Ofüren, Bonrd of . I r:n!i.-, lianks. fcc. connocted with the ' nd for College Pper giving fall ixirliculan. I Address J. H. Ooldsmith, President, Detroit, Midi. W. E. HEAMBS & CO., Flour IVTerchnrits 03 WOODIIR1DUE STRFET, Corner Shelbjr. DETE01I, MICH. C'hoice Uye and Minnesota Flours for Bakers' u a pecialry. F5re Brick, 11 shapei and eize, from JnB6J nnd Ohio clays. Foundry Fuviita aiid Supplie. ?lo-ar & Grain Com. Merchant JTWAÏEB STKEET, Between Giiswold and 8Lelby,) DETROIT. Jr?" Liberal avflítnccB made upon consignments. "d J01IIN II. WKDELL & CO. Flour, Grain, Pork & Sced OVF1CE AND WARF.HOUSE Nos. 50, 52, 54 and 56 Woodbridije Street West, DETHOIT, II10H. BÍF" Liberal ndYances made upon consignments. "53 BÖILEÊW-ORKS" All kinds of Boiler and Sheet Iron "W'uik done to I order. AU lïoilers tested previotas to leaving the shops. Competent men kept to do repairs. Ttibt-s taken out.pierced. and ïoset. Old boilers and tubei bought ur tuken in exeliunge. .T. Sc rr. MoGREGOB, 83 At water treet, isi:ikmt. BETROIT Throat and Lung Instituí Tor the cure of Catwrh, Throot Diseases, ' Aethmfc, Bronchitis and ConBUmption. I NO. 4 ASPIKWALL TEKRACE, SIACOMB AVE. Tf pos.iible culi personally for nn exntcination, othcrwisi; beml foraroiilar. .Address W. Hilto Williams, M. D., PropT. 11 T f" Business College, J UU 1 1 LBusiness Practice. "XlfE Por Journal givinji fnll informatiün of Cnllese, Books umi Business l'rnctire. Addiess IRA J1AYHK1V, Iletioit, Jlich. Marble, Marbleized Slate AND IKOIV IHAJITLES, All leading styles and patterns. With every Tariety of uriiuiiiL'iitnl anti jilain enameled GKATK8. Apentfov "StriiiB 's patent üre-places." Send for descriptivo circular. 1'. A. UILLIiNOS, 20 Woojbridgo Si., Detroit. A NEW INVENTMN ?:rf YERP, PHYSiriANS, CLERGYMEN, EWTORS, AO COUNTANTS.MERiïHANTS, professional and buíneM men; protecting and ki-epiiiK in alphabetical order 11 letter, bilis, reoeinta and other documenta daily k ciiniulating in the Ronera] routine of business free from dust, and away from theobsprvation of the curious In this small cubtnet 3,000 lettpra can bo filcd and kfpt Always athand forresidy refereuCM. It i jade of blaclt walntTt, ís' quite ornamental. The same Cabinet can lie uaed on the desk or hung to the wall. Sendforaa JUlustratcd Trice List aud Circular. Addrcm CABLOS A. ('OOK, Chicago, HU, A Rare Chance TO ZLETu A larue and modern nPti Ör.oeery ?fore in Rnchofi Blork, T'rtrn t Street. Üudoubtfdly tUebest locatfon in thai rto(;he city for eairi hdáfnera. A eood liirge cHnr nd ftew barn ntiaohcd to the prcmises.. TliT' rent is 3t)0 yenrly, fo be takeu in groceries for mv famili nae. Als" n fine nc Meat Marketv]l complete, jorntng mr blo k.wlthmoderu impr vemcni. mnrllv Uble &c , liir-xf nflw smnkt' hoase, larure btick ci.ern and celiñr ïiï'vv bain and ad re:idy for nsc. ith three Tainilj' rooms above. Store re nts for S'50 jearly ; taken in ment for my family use. Also a smull sture iu my bl :ck, house, rooms, 4c, to let. FOftSALE Three giod lnri;e carrlape or fa': h-irse, une fiue new carrlage, huggies,waonb, tarroin tcols. Also ttiree good cowa liGOtf InqnireofL. H. BÜOHOZ.


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